Nadejda CERVINSCAIA, Moldova
PROJECT: Zaharia’s World: Restoration and digitalisation of the Zaharia Cusnir Photography Archive

Nadejda is a Product Service System Design Master student at Politecnico di Milano. Before starting her studies she was a Design Strategist in the Association for Documentary Photography A-DOF in charge of PR, project and artistic management.

In 2017 as a Project Assistant in MOLDOX NGO she was co-organising the 48h Moldovan Film Challenge and was in charge of communication with participants, logistics and overall well-run programme.

While doing her internship as a Graphic Designer in Romanian Cultural Centre in Berlin in 2016, she gained experience in cultural management and succeeded in organising an avant-premiere for Zaharia Cusnir photography archive being supported by Dekabristen NGO. The archive provoked a promising resonance in Berlin, from that time on, she has been communicating with Photography Museum in Berlin and Museum of European Cultures for possible future cooperations.

Nadejda was awarded AGEPI Prize (State Agency for Intellectual Property) within the 1st edition of contest “The best innovative idea 2017” for the developed concept of the mobile app “U-cook-2. Moldova”.

Nadejda Cervinscaia: “The Fellowship will teach me the practice of being the CSO Ambassador abroad, attain partnerships and design new projects, it will contribute to my personal development as a moving force, a captain! Besides, it will focus me as a leader in the Art domain, evolving me as a specifically Exhibition Curator, which is related to my studies/aspirations and the domain I want to prioritise in my CSO work. And the most important benefit: be the empirical and qualitative results: the digitalisation of the Archive, preserving, spreading the cultural heritage and research the new evidence of historical and societal aspects of the 20th century!

Zaharia’s World: Restoration and digitalisation of the Zaharia Cusnir Photography Archive

The overall objective of the project is the restoration, digitalisation, research and dissemination of the Zaharia Cusnir Photography Archive for providing simple, democratic access to knowledge and cultural heritage of Soviet Moldova of ’50-’60.

Project’s Specific Objectives:

  • Training, exchanging experience between Moldovan and German experts in Museology, Archiving and Photography Research
  • Organising an exhibition in Moldova and editing publications
  • Digitisation of the entire collection and storage based on photo content and its research as well as Zaharia Cusnir background study
  • Restoration and preservation of the 4,000 negative films in Germany, The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation


By the end of the project there will be digitalised on high quality about 70 negative films, which will be exposed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Chisinau. The profile of Zaharia Cusnir will be investigated and the study about the Zaharia Cusnir phenomenon will start and move on. The first partnerships to create the Documentary Photography Foundation will be set and the work to preserve the entire archive will be in progress. The large public will visit the exhibition (30 days of exhibition x 40 people) 1200 people will see the exhibition and will be informed about the found archive.

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Data digitalization & visualisation
Topics Photography
Project duration December 2017-June 2018