Gogita Gvedashvili, Georgia
PROJECT: Raising awareness on EU visa free rules and opportunities for Georgia

Gogita Gvedashvili is the EU programme director at Georgian Center for Security and Development since 2017.  He has been actively involved in research and analytical activities in various leading local and international organizations, including OSCE observation missions in Georgia. Gogita is the author of a number of research and policy documents related Georgia’s European integration.

In 2015, he received a Masters degree in Public Policy Administration and passed a training  of trainers (TOT) programmes at the Praxis Centre for Policy Studies in Estonia. Gogita is a trainer on project writing, fundraising and advocacy.

Gogita Gvedashvili: “This fellowship will be an excellent opportunity to achieve multiple important results. I believe that it will bring positive changes and build up a new chance for young leaders to effectively address existing needs and develop their professional skills and network.”

Raising awareness on EU visa free rules and opportunities for Georgia

Since 28 March 2017 Georgian citizens with biometric passports are allowed to enter the EU/Schengen area visa free for short visits. The introduction of visa-free arrangement of movement is an important step forwards European integration that opens up diverse windows of opportunity to each of Georgian citizens. Despite significant improvement in migration management one year after celebrating the launch of the visa free regime Georgia’s visa liberalization with European Union comes under threat and countries indicators continue to raise concerns. Among the main challenges are; a high number of asylum seekers, illegal stays in EU countries, Georgian organized crime groups in European countries and etc.

The overall objective of the project is to reduce the risks of violation of the EU-Georgia visa free rules and contribute to raisingthe effectiveness of visa free regime for the citizens of Georgia.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To analyze Georgia’s one-year visa-free travel results with the European Union (EU) and elaborate the effective recommendations to overcome the existing challenges.
  • To raise awareness of the strategic stakeholders (Students, NGO’s, Media representatives and etc.) on visa free rules and opportunities, as well as the results related on its violation;
  • To advocate policy paper and recommendations with government of Georgia and other stakeholders.

Expected results:

  • Prepared Policy Brief “One Year after EU- Georgia Visa Free Travel – Achievements and Challenges”;
  • Raised awareness on visa free rules and opportunities, decreased risks of violations visa free rules;
  • Raised policy discussions and improved policy coherence on EU-Georgia’s visa free issues.
Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Collection of evidences
Cooperation with authorities
Topics Rule of Law
Project duration June 2018 - October 2018