Ismayil FATALIYEV, Azerbaijan
PROJECT: Empowering women in IDP communities

Ismayil graduated from the Academy of Public Administration where he studied international relations. Since 2011 he has worked for various national TV and online media outlets. Currently, he is a multimedia freelance journalist and a Project Coordinator in the ‘Azerbaijan Journalists’ Network’ Public Union.

Along with the capacity building for journalists, the Azerbaijan Journalists’ Network implements civil society projects on a range of topics: women empowerment, media literacy in schools, environmental journalism. As the 2019 Fellow, Ismayil is implementing a project on women empowerment aiming to teach women from IDP communities bread earning and entrepreneurship skills. By doing so he hopes to break outdated stereotypes about the role of women in the conservative society.

Ismayil Fataliyev: “I think this Fellowship Programme and the opportunities it provides is a timely and necessary step in fighting against outdated stereotypes about women’s role and place in family and society with all subsequent negative outcomes, changing men’s perception of women and in promoting the image of a well educated and financially independent woman in Azerbaijan.

Empowering women in IDP communities

As a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict there are many Azeri IDP (internally displaced population) communities living alongside the so-called “line of contact”, where the poverty level is very high as job opportunities are rare among members of those communities. Majority of these people depend heavily on agriculture and farming. Women living in rural areas of Azerbaijan are regarded as a driving role to make a living for a family. They do some farm stuff and cattle breeding and other agricultural business in order to help their families. Women from IDP communities also follow the suit but lack opportunities and benefits their counterparts enjoy in other parts of the country.  Especially, women do not know how to have access to the microfinance institutions and governmental bodies in order to benefit from possible opportunities available for other women.

This Fellowship Action is aimed at empowering women in IDP communities through trainings and capacity building activities in IDP communities located in Agdam, Barda and Tartar (300 km westward from the capital Baku and close to the “line of contact”).

The trainings will allow women living in IDP communities to learn the main principles of microfinance and credit culture for the development of their agricultural business ideas and get access to microfinance organization serving for rural development in regions.

Ismayil: “The other goal I am planning to achieve is to pave the way for breaking stereotypes about dependant IDP woman. By enabling rural woman with necessary knowledge and skills, demonstrating and promoting “success stories” it would be possible to positively change perceptions about status and role of women in family`s and community`s life as well as raise self-confidence and self-development of women in the given areas.

Fellowship Programs 2019
Country Azerbaijan
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Empowering women
Gender equality
Trainings & internships
Topics Civic rights
Project duration May 2019 - November 2019