Lizaveta CHEPIKAVA, Belarus
PROJECT: ‘Serabranka yesterday, today and tomorrow. An artistic guide to the community.

Lizaveta is an Urbanist at Minsk Urban Platform, project manager at BASA (Belarus Architecture Students Association), student in Belarusian National Technical University (Bachelor degree, Architect, Urban planner).

Lizaveta Chepikava: “The idea behind my Fellowship project is appealing interest to the neighbourhood Serabranka through perception of the locals as a real piece of art and contemporary design. The guide I plan to produce is the instrument that I would like to use for community creation and make people’s ideas and visions of their district visible as for themselves so for administration, urban planners and other Minsk’s citizens. 

‘Serabranka yesterday, today and tomorrow. An artistic guide to the community.

Serabranka district is a residential district built for Minsk Tractor Works` employees. Nowadays it is an adverse district with notorious fame. It is surrounded by natural recreation zones shaped by Svisloch and Stepianka rivers. Nowadays Serabranka hosts 120 thousand residents. The micro-district, where according to the project activities will be concentrated, represents 1/4th part of the district’s population.

Within her Fellowship, Lizaveta will produce a comic book full of original illustrations and short narrations. Among illustrations the reader will see interactive artistic maps, locations and sites, local characters and their stories interpreted by three different in style Belarusian designers and illustrators. The guide is a creative collaboration between the locals of Serbaranka, urbanists (researchers and practitioners) and artists, which will act as fully-fledged ‘partners in crime’ and co-authors of the book.

Lizaveta Chepikava: “With the initiative ‘Serabranka yesterday, today and tomorrow. An artistic guide to the community’ I would like to invite the residents of Serabranka to look at their neighbourhood from a different perspective, feel proud about it and eager to make it better. An artistic guide to Serabranka is also an instrument of sharing experiences, expressing views and interests by the residents, which can become visible to wider public, decision-makers, media, investors, city administration and city planners. Serabranka artistic guide also collects the ideas from the residents on the desired future vision and future state of Serabranka, which can be taken into consideration by the city planners in Minsk.”


Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Belarus
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Children & youth
Topics Sustainable development
Urban development
Project duration June 2018 - November 2018