Marianna MARSHALENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Bicycle-Friendly Business Certification Programme

Marianna got a Master’s degree in Hospitality management with honor.

She has 6 years of successful experience in Hospitality industry, where she achieved responsibilities of Duty manager in the international hotel chain. She also has 3 years of experience as Corporate Social responsibility coordinator with implementation of various of projects related to Planet safety and Society in need.  Currently, Marianna is the Partnership cCordinator in Kyiv Cyclists Association.

Marianna Marshalenko: “I am a person in charge to launch Bicycle Friendly Certification programme in Kyiv and I am sure that Civil Society Fellowship will provide me with opportunity to learn experience in other EU countries. This experience will help me a lot to implement pilot project in Kyiv.

Bicycle-Friendly Business Certification Programme

The main goal of the project is to launch a cycling-friendly certification system for businesses. Certification is intended to help Kyiv’ business companies to improve the situation for bicyclists and to offer acknowledgement and reward for their efforts.

Marianna Marshalenko: “A bicycle-friendly company is great for their customers. Cycling can contribute to the success of a business or organization and support employees as well getting to work by cycling is a worthwhile investment.”

The project activities will include:

  • Launch of a bicycle friendly business certification system in Kyiv.
  • Development of the dedicated website.
  • Holding a conference to present the system to the business and general public.
Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Energy & Environment
Transport & road safety
Project duration June 2018 - November 2018