Valeriia OVCHAROVA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Carrying out an evaluation of local youth work

Valeriia holds a Master’s degree in Social work of Zaporizhzhia National University and worked for the Zaporizhzhia Regional Centre of Youth. She received the Grant of the President of Ukraine for gifted youth and the Scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine for special achievements in the development of youth policy. As board member of NGO “Dobrosvit” she implements international, national and local social projects for young people.

Valeriia Ovcharova: “The Fellowship will strengthen my potential for career growth, give an opportunity to realize the accumulated experience, get new knowledge that will help to attract additional resources for my future social projects and will do my social activity more efficient. Through carrying out the evaluation of the local system of youth work I can help young people from small towns and villages to receive high-quality social services.”

Carrying out an evaluation of local youth work

The survey conducted by GfK Ukraine (August-September 2017), showed that the level of civic engagement is the lowest among citizens aged 18-24,  despite the fact that Ukraine has a big government system for the development of youth. In each locality there is a institution, or an expert who deals with youth issues, they are the ones who implement youth work. It is possible that the unsatisfactory work of local youth structures is the reason for the low level of youth participation.

Carrying out an evaluation of local youth work will determine whether such activities are in line with state priorities and youth work standards, helps assess the quality of working methods with young people. The results of the evaluation will help to identify possible problems of social passivity of young people, ways to overcome it and mechanisms for improving work with young people. The results of the evaluation with the recommendations developed to improve local youth work will be formed in the analytical digest “Youth work in the South-Eastern part of Ukraine: current state and prospects”.

Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Children & youth
Collection of evidences
Topics Civic rights
Project duration May 2018 - October 2018