Yauheni KLISHEVICH, Belarus
PROJECT: Solution Library

Yauheni is a mathematician, social entrepreneur, product manager, crowd technologist, platform solutions expert and methodologist. He is a founder of  Talaka.by – a team search and crowd-funding online platform.

Yauheni has founded several projects on crowd techs and media and personaly consulted more then 300 social start-upers.

Yauheni Klishevich: “I am going to summarise my knowledge about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to make it available for anyone. And make it a base for the next big step in my professional development. I will be happy to share my experience with fellows from another countries.”

Solution Library

Solution library is the online service for CSOs (crowdfunding and crowdsourcing tools for raising funds, resources and partnership connections).

Yauheni Klishevich: “The idea of the project is to create the Solution Library service, that will work not just like Q&A service, it will give an algorithms that help to do thing right while running crowdfunding campaign or implementing initiative. A lot of projects face the same problems and go through the alike issues. So while we have such kind of service we will raise the success rate of projects because they stop to fail due to the specific details they don’t think about before.

Project activities:

  • The Solution Library online service created and helps via published algorithms of actions to run projects more efficiently, to solve common development issues and to give for novice initiative starters the hints what to do next.
  • The Solution Library is filled in by the Talaka team experts with the most necessary things to know, and frequently asked requests about how to run crowdfunding campaigns, gather like-minded people, work with volunteers, get business sponsors, raise money via international donors, make team building.
  • The Solution Library have a possibility to be filled in by any expert within a community and experienced participants of community constantly increases the quantity of algorithms added to the service.
Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Belarus
Areas of Interest CSOs’ cooperation
Topics e-Services
Strengthening CSO skills
Project duration July 2018 - December 2018