Ana INDOITU, Moldova
PROJECT: Monitoring 2020 Youth budgets execution at the local level in Moldova

With an experience of five years within the civil society sector, Ana has substantial expertise in strategic planning, social justice, community development, youth policy, advocacy, and democratic participation. She has graduated law school and entered the bar in 2019. Previously, she was elected vice president of the National Youth Council of Moldova, where she advocated and engaged in the development of youth policy in the country for two years. She runs INVENTO, a non-profit dedicated to social justice and citizens empowerment. She serves as an expert in youth participation, youth policy, strategic planning, project management, and youth empowerment. She has three years’ teaching experience in a national college and university. She is passionate about development, innovation, and education.

Ana INDOITU: “The Fellowship will allow me to encourage meaningful participation of young people in Moldova, offering them the initial knowledge and tools to advocate for their own rights at the local level and be part of a transparent and open governance. After more than 8 years of civic activism as a young leader, I would like to create this legacy for young leaders from all over the country, so that evidence-based advocacy can drive real changes.”

Monitoring 2020 Youth budgets execution at the local level in Moldova

In her civic activism experience, Ana has learned that young people must come prepared when they want to be involved in the decision-making process and advocate for their rights. The main problem addressed by the Fellowship project is the low level of meaningful participation of young people in the public decision-making. Public budgets are the focus of this project, once they summarize the public priorities and have to be designed to deliver services and programs in accordance with youth needs. Since having one third of the total population being youth, Moldova must pursue an open and participatory governance model, in order to ensure the full development of young people, that would create the environment for their adult development.

The solution offered within the project are training courses, an open media channel and tools for monitoring the existing data on youth budgets, across every region from the country. Eventually, the expected impact is the increase of skills and knowledge of young leaders from the local level, that will follow the execution of youth budgets in their region and become active stakeholders.

Project activities:

  1. Development of a web platform on youth budgets
  2. Develop an online training and motivation media channel
  3. Coaching program for youth activists
  4. Local campaigns on #knowYOUr(th)Budget

Expected results:

  • A developed evidence-based methodology of youth budgets monitoring;
  • 1 open/online and free web platform for youth documentation on youth budgets and participation (interactive database;
  • 1 online training course on youth budgets monitoring accessible and free online;
  • 3 districts from Moldova have applied youth monitoring of the execution of the youth budget;
  • 30 young people directly involved in the process of youth budgets execution in their district.
  • 5 000 of young people are informed about the youth budgets monitoring and data in their locality and learn new participation methods.
Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Children & youth
Collection of evidences
Project duration May 2020 - November 2020