Anastasiia KORYTSKA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Support of Chernihiv CSOs and Activists to Generate Funds to Help the Region

Anastasiia is a representative of the CSO “Ukrainian Monolitnist”, where she coordinates many projects.  Previously, she was involved with CSOs “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” and the “Union of Women of Chernihiv Region”. She is also a member of the Chernihiv Youth Council under the Regional State Administration and an assistant to a deputy of the city council. At the same time, she is finishing her master’s degree in “Finance, Banking and Insurance” at the Chernihiv Polytechnic National University.

As a committed civic activist, Anastasiia places great significance on the contributions that volunteers and voluntary organisations make to local development.  Thus, with the invasion of Ukraine and all the damage that it has done, Anastasiia has recognized the importance for CSOs in her region to be able to effectively mobilize and manage resources to provide basic services for communities affected by the war.  Accordingly, her fellowship is all about assisting CSOs, and particularly youth groups, to rapidly build their capacities to respond to the immediate needs of the communities of Chernihiv.

“Our local CSOs have done so much in face of the hostilities in the region, and now they are ready to play a fuller role in the re-development of the city.  Thus, I hope that my fellowship will act as a kind of bridge between youth organizations and the authorities and will also help young people strengthen their positions in helping Chernihiv Oblast.” – Anastasiia KORYTSKA

Support of Chernihiv CSOs and Activists to Generate Funds to Help the Region

Fellowship Summary: Supporting and building capacities of local CSOs for fundraising, through coaching and a digital guide, and facilitating strengthened cooperation between CSOs and local authorities for post-war Chernihiv.
Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Capacity development
Topics Fundraising
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration July - November 2022