Anastasiia LANINA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Support to the Network of Community Organisations of the MHP Communities Foundation

Anastasiia received a Specialist (MA/BA) diploma in Law from The Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, 2015, and a Bachelor diploma in Economics from Vinnytsya Institute of Trade and Economics, 2003.  She is a Community Development Specialist with over 10 years of experience in grants management and donor-funded projects, as well as experience in regional development, strategic planning, local economic development.

Anastasiia’s most recent experience was in her capacity of a Social Projects Specialist in Private Joint Stock Company “MHP” and Charitable Foundation “MHP for Communities”. In her previous career, Anastasiia was a Community Development Associate in a EU/UNDP project, and UNDP Coordinator for Sustainable Development Goals in Vinnytsia region in 2011-2018.

The outset of the war against Ukraine meant that all the communities previously supported through Anastasiia’s work were challenged with the violence from the conflict.  Thus, she applied for a fellowship in order to assist in adapting previous network support to support during wartime.

I am adept at understanding the financial needs of the organization and helping the donors realize how their financial support could yield better results. I have a proven track record of identifying viable funding opportunities and receiving grants. The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowship gives me a perfect opportunity to share my knowledges on humanitarian projects implementation with other Ukrainian NGOs, and to build an effective network of public activists who will bring actual changes to our society and communities.” – Anastasiia LANINA

Support to the Network of Community Organisations of the MHP Communities Foundation

Fellowship Summary: Supporting a network of CSOs/initiative groups with capacity building for humanitarian assistance projects and first aid.

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Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Community mobilisation
Topics Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration July - November 2022