Anna GEVORGYAN, Armenia
PROJECT: Strengthening the CSOs’ and Young Leaders’ Fundraising Capacities & Promote the Culture of Philanthropy in Armenia

Skilled in Project Management and organizational development, Anna is a Communications and Fundraising specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the corporate and non-governmental sectors.

In her capacity as a Co-founder of the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Armenia, Anna is developing the fundraising market and promotes philanthropy nationwide. Previously, she acted as a Resource Mobilization and Fundraising Officer for the Armenian Red Cross Society and her responsibilities covered the areas of organizational strategy/action planning, project management and mapping of potential international/private donors. As a Project Manager & Fundraising Specialist for the Research and Development Corporation – Technology & Science Dynamics, she organized the first-ever Startup Acceleration program in Artsakh in 2015-2016 and other startup incubation programs.

Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the Yerevan State University (Armenia). Interested in startups and social entrepreneurship, she successfully completed the course on non-profit Fundraising at Acumen Academy.

“2019 has been an amazing journey since the EaP Fellowship program opened the door to new experiences, a new treasury of knowledge, networking, unprecedented events and meetings. Over a year ago, I started an initiative, the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Armenia. My ideas attracted the leading fundraisers in my country, and I received lots of support from them.  However, as the youngest fundraiser in Armenia, I was not confident enough to fully embrace all the opportunities. The Fellowship program boosted my self-esteem; my international visits to the UK and the Netherlands raised my confidence to believe that sky is the only limit to me.” – Anna GEVORGYAN

Strengthening the CSOs’ and Young Leaders’ Fundraising Capacities & Promote the Culture of Philanthropy in Armenia

The action aimed to strengthen the CSOs’ and Young Leaders’ fundraising capacities and promote the culture of philanthropy in Armenia. To achieve the above objective, Anna conducted the fundraising capacity needs assessment survey for the 54 organizations in Yerevan and Tavush region. Then, she designed the training module and delivered interactive seminars for the young civil society activists from the Yerevan and Tavush regions. Following this, to build international cooperation and extend her networks worldwide, Anna organized business trips to the leading fundraising/international organizations in the Netherlands and the UK. During her visit to the Netherlands, she met the representatives from the European Fundraising Association, Goede Doelen Nederland/Charity Netherlands, Netherlands Red Cross and Han Valk Consulting. On the other hand, to familiarize herself with the British fundraising market, she visited the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), Fundraising Regulator, Astarita, Aldrich & Ward (AAW), Resource Alliance and attended a Fundraiser’s Club Event at Impact Hub King’s Cross in London. At the final stage of the fellowship action, Anna organized a panel discussion on “Fundraising in Armenia: Current Challenges and Opportunities” engaging the local experts, CSO representatives, media and other stakeholders.

The project raised awareness of 64 civil society activists in fundraising with a specific focus on digital fundraising tools, proposal writing, mentorship, project design and crowdfunding. Also, the action formed a community of fundraisers and hosted the official networking event involving 83 participants from 70 organizations. The panel discussion served as a platform to build dialogue among the fundraisers and encourage new partnerships. For example, the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Armenia made 5 successful partnership agreements with the international organizations to engage in cross-country collaborative initiatives․ The international business trips in Amsterdam and London gave Anna an immense opportunity to enhance her qualification and contacts in a global environment.

Fellowship Programs 2019
Country Armenia
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Capacity development
Topics Fundraising
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration May 2019 - November 2019