Arzu ISMAYILOVA, Azerbaijan
PROJECT: Advocating legal frame for the Social Entrepreneurship: a dialogue between policymakers, social entrepreneurs and other actors

Arzu holds a masters degree in Management and International Business from Birmingham City University, have an experience in different businesses and NGOs. Since 2019 she is closely cooperating with the Education HUB. She is as a program officer that supports youth empowerment, enhance of the social entrepreneurship and community development programs. Currently Arzu is working with the HUB team and supporting to conduct capacity building workshops on Social Entrepreneurship (SE) for young females living in 3 regions of Azerbaijan. The regions are representing north-east part of Azerbaijan. In addition to this she is developing online resources related to the social entrepreneurship, using local and international cases.

Arzu ISMAYILOVA: “I do believe in the power of social entrepreneurship, which brings creative and innovative solutions to social challenges. It’s also valuable to me because social entrepreneurship opens new doors in front of women and encourages them to take active participation in the development of their community and increase their involvement in the socio-economic development of the country. In other words, the SE is a concept, which enabling entrepreneurs to shape a better community and a better world.”

Advocating legal frame for the Social Entrepreneurship: a dialogue between policymakers, social entrepreneurs and other actors

The primary purpose of this project is to advocate the legal frame for  social entrepreneurship (SE) through bringing together interested actors (government agencies, experts, social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, and media) and develop policy recommendations for the state law.

Project activities:

  • Social Entrepreneurship Forum. The forum aims to raise awareness on SE, inform its social impact in rural, community, and economic development as a whole. The forum creates a space to highlight opportunities and challenges about the SE, gives a stage to the social entrepreneurs, who are working on a local and international level, share their experience with the vast auditorium.
  • Townhall meetings. To prepare a recommendation and develop amendments to the “Entrepreneurship Law,” two town hall meetings will be conducted in the Baku and Sumgayit cities.
  • Policy recommendation for decision-making. The document will be developed considering remarks all events, as mentioned earlier, SE forum and town hall meeting discussions, and an amendment to the Entrepreneurship Law will prepare. The final policy recommendation will be submitted to the Ministry of Economy and other state agencies.
  • Media coverage and public awareness. Make SE more understandable for the public – close cooperation with the local media will be taken place.


Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Azerbaijan
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Cooperation with authorities
CSOs’ cooperation
Empowering women
Project duration June 2020 - October 2020