Cristina BERLINSCHII, Moldova
PROJECT: Enhancing the capacities of local CSOs in the youth and women needs assessment process

Skilled in Project Management, research and engaged in community activities, Cristina is a project manager in non-governmental sector.

In her capacity as a Program manager within the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT, Cristina is responsible for the implementation of projects related to the promotion of the development of civil society organizations at the local level, promoting the values of participatory democracy, namely by coordinating the activities of the Secretariat of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (CALC) and monitoring projects of the activity of public institutions.

Design and development of research, comparative analyzes and consultancy in the field of youth policies, electoral issues, civic education, and reforms on the activity environment of civil society organizations are part of her activity.

She is the founder of the Center for Educational and Community Development (CDEC), a non-profit organization that focuses on the educational development and community activism of young people and inhabitants from the regions as an engine of change at the local level.

“The Fellowship program has only benefited me. It gave me the opportunity to pursue research in the process of correctly identifying the needs of young people and women and to gain a rich learning experience by exploring the varied depths of this subject. Also, to develop my professional skills and leadership ability, to learn from the experience of European organizations and to transmit/multiply the information further, to the organizations in my community – it was another benefit that I enjoy” – Cristina Berlinschii

Enhancing the capacities of local CSOs in the youth and women needs assessment process

Fellowship Summary: Increase the capacity of local NGOs to successfully identify, understand, and better tailor activities to address youth and women’s challenges, including mentoring on leadership skills.

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Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Democratic participation
Project duration May - December 2022