PROJECT: ‘City Dream’: a crowdsourcing platform for local communities

Denys is a co-founder of Leaders Fund, a matching stipend initiative for non-profit leaders, and a former manager of,  free IT courses to youth and IDPs. He owns copywriting agency, which works with customers  in the IT sector, specifically from fintech and blockchain.

Denys consults start-ups, non-profits and government officials on Sustainable Development Goal targets and impact investment. He is also an investor in Promprylad.Renovation innovation center in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, President of Rotary Club Cherkasy Centre, and a host of the Exchange Me podcast. Denys envisions the biggest potential for change at the intersection of open tech and human development.

“The City Dream’s long-term impact is in building communities. When citizens start to cooperate and take responsibility, their circles of belonging expand. Eventually, this leads to new level of opportunities and enhanced trust in the society.” – DENYS ANDRUSHCHENKO

‘City Dream’: a crowdsourcing platform for local communities

Fellowship Summary: Development and launch of a ‘City Dream’ digital platform that facilitates more participatory local planning in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine.

Denys Andrushchenko’s City Dream Platform is a crowdsourcing initiative in Ukraine, serving as an effective communication tool between businesses, local government, and community residents. Launched in April 2023, the platform empowers active residents to highlight critical community issues through social projects, fostering collaboration among stakeholders to address these challenges by inviting them to join the project and contribute their resources. This approach has already yielded tangible results, with success stories inspiring greater civic engagement and citizenship.

The City Dream Platform has not only initiated impactful campaigns but has also received acclaim from volunteers and activists in Cherkasy. The platform’s success lies in its ability to bridge gaps and stimulate solidarity among diverse groups.

Through the City Dream Platform, Denys has sparked a seed of change, inspiring active citizens to persist in working with public servants and holding them accountable. Despite challenges, including the impact of war on Ukraine and its people, Denys remains committed to promoting the City Dream platform and the crowdsourcing approach.

Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Community mobilisation
Topics Civic tech & digital transformation
Democratic participation
Economic development
Project duration June 2022 - April 2023