Yuliya STANKEVICH, Belarus
PROJECT: E-learning in Focus

Yulia has been actively involved in youth organisation (Fialta) since she was 17 and has been an elected Board member in 2004-2011. In 2015 she was selected as a steering committee member of the International Youth Work Trainers Guild.

Now Yulia is working in NGO ACT (capacity building and advocacy for CSOs). Being a trainer, she is helping people in becoming more active, tolerant, self-confident and creative, working in her home country and in international projects (Council of Europe, EU Erasmus+).

She is also a member of Trainers Pool of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and she is actively involved in human rights education field, elaborating and running trainings on participation, interculural dialogue, inclusion, etc. on local and international level.

Yuliya Stankevich: “I see the creation of online course for CSOs as a breakthough opportunity to pilot and scale up, and start using online tools to mainstream and significantly increase of outreach of people by civil society organisations and initiatives.

E-learning in Focus

This fellowship action is focused on learning ICT competencies by doing. The idea is to create an innovative online course in Russian language specifically aimed to empower Belarusian CSO activists in providing effective educational and advocacy activities for their target groups.

The overall goal of the action is to increase capacity of civil society organisations in Belarus to empower their target groups with non-formal education programmes.

In the course of the project a pilot E-learning course for CSO activists on non-formal education will be created, with some intro elements on advocacy and activism.

Expected results of the action:

  • Expertise of Belarusian and other European CSOs in non-formal education, activism and advocacy is available online in an open and structured way.
  • As result of the pilot online course, at least 30 activists and members of CSO:
    • (1) are introduced to non-formal education principles and methodology, human rights education,
    • (2) developed basic understanding of designing, running and evaluating educational programmes,
    • (3) increased their knowledge on participation and advocacy issues,
    • (4) elaborated ways to increase effectiveness of their CSO’s activities.
Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Belarus
Areas of Interest CSOs’ cooperation
Topics e-Services
Strengthening CSO skills
Project duration November 2017 - April 2018