Elena SÎRBU, Moldova
PROJECT: Mapping Roma Refugees in Moldova

Elena is a journalist, advocate for human rights, and head of the Roma Women Platform ”ROMNI” in Moldova. With extensive experience working with the Roma community in Moldova, Elena noted with alarm the crisis of ethnic Roma refugees fleeing from Ukraine and the inequalities they faced in trying to receive assistance.

As an EaP Fellow Elena prepared a research report that advocates the issue of Roma refugees on the territory of Moldova.  The report was based on data collected by Elena through participatory methods, interviewing many of the Roma refugees, and in discussions with the local authorities.  The analysis focuses on issues related to the integration of refugees and specific problems arising from segregation and discriminatory attitudes.

“The problem I raise in the project is very little researched. The situation of Roma refugees from Ukraine who are in the territory of Moldova, UTA Gagauzia and the Transnistrian area is very different. We can say that their situation certainly varies in line with their locality and prevailing attitude of the authorities and their willingness to mediate access to refugee facilities.” – Elena SÎRBU

Mapping Roma Refugees in Moldova

Fellowship Summary: Mapping needs and advocating to support organisations of vulnerable groups of Ukrainian refugees, with specific focus on Roma, in Moldova.

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Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Topics Support to IDPs and vulnerable groups
Project duration July 2022 - March 2023