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Exhibition concept decided. “GAZE”


Direct from our Fellow:

Nadejda CERVINSCAIA: “In early May, after being consulted by Prof. Marcello Galbiati (Professor of Politecnico di Milano; Interior and Exhibition Design) I selected 36 photos. The exhibition is to have 1 main picture, which shows a sitting man, in the “Thinker Pose” and gazes at you. This is a powerful picture, which might embarrass the viewer, but this is exactly what I want to do. I want to cause emotions to people, to make them feel, since in today’s world of chaos, humanity got rusty. So, the selected pictures emphasise different life phases of a person, the visitor might have the feeling that the pictures mirror his emotions of the experienced event/thought/facial expression. The important thing is to feel the sensation directed personally to the viewer, but also to highlight the relationships of pictures in between. Re-creation of a small universe of people, is my goal. Moreover, I am doing my best to create an immersive environment, so we will project the movie filmed by the film director, who has found the archive, Victor Galusca. The projection will better acknowledge the public and will be a different experience, different engraved memory, which will hopefully stay after visiting the exhibition.”