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Fellow’s Progress: Meetings in Tbilisi City Hall and Field work


The work on the project is underway! December 2017 – February 2018 brought a lot of meetings and field work:

    • Meetings with the representatives of  the Tbilisi city hall to obtain information about budget 2017 details: Budu Kakauridze (representative of Financial Municipal Service), Gaioz Talakvadze (Head of Department of Municipal Budget)
    • Meetings with the partners of Tbilisi City Hall in the filed of youth issues: Visit to the Georgian National Olympic Committee – meeting with Teo Omanadze
    • Field works at local parks and gardens for monitoring purposes (J. Kakhidze Park, Tekseli Park and D, Abashidze Park) – D. Abashidze Park is included in the report of 2017 budget, but actually, this park is not functioning yet)