Guram JAJANIDZE, Georgia
PROJECT: Active Citizen – The Key Pillar of Local Democracy

Dedicated to the idea of active citizenship, Guram actively works on the projects in the area of youth participation in politics and citizens engagement in local self-governance and democratic processes.

Since 2017 Guram has worked in different civil society organizations as a Project Coordinator with the objective to support Georgia’s democratic development and Euro and Euro-Atlantic path. Since 2020 he is member of Europe-Georgia Institute team working with a range of local and international partners with the focus of supporting youth empowerment in politics. In 2022 he also worked with German Political foundation – Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom – South Caucasus office. Apart from his work in these organizations, Guram is one of the founding members of the local CSO from Gori municipality – Association of European Initiators. The activities carried out by him in Gori municipality are covering the area of youth participation in local self-governance and citizens’ participation mechanisms.

Guram graduated from the International Black Sea University, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences in International Relations. In 2020 he was a finalist of Global Undergraduate Exchange Program – UGRAD, studying political science for a semester at Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina, US.

“I strongly believe that the cornerstone of democracy is the active citizen and that democracy starts with taking part in the developments within our communities.  Engaging in the decision-making process has impact on our own street and particular environment we interact with on a daily basis. That’s why part of my work is dedicated to the idea of making people in local municipalities aware of local-self-governance and mechanisms that they can use to have an impact on their community, encouraging them to use those tools. Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowship gave me another opportunity to further extend my work in this dimension, working on the project Active Citizen – The Key Pillar of Local Democracy.” – Gurami JAJANIDZE

Active Citizen – The Key Pillar of Local Democracy

Fellowship Summary: Research on citizens’ participation mechanisms in Shida Kartli region, and their promotion among the local residents, with the focus on active young leaders.

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Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Community mobilisation
Topics Democratic participation
Youth empowerment
Project duration February - July 2023