Hanna ILASHCHUK, Ukraine
PROJECT: The European Paralegal Exchange: Strengthening the Ukrainian Paralegal Movement

Hanna has obtained a Master’s degree in Social Pedagogy and during her educational journey, she realized that the mission of civil society in Ukraine serves as a driving force for the nation’s development.

Since 2019, she has actively served as a paralegal, and from 2021 leads the largest Ukrainian network of paralegals, the UKRAINIAN PARALEGALS ASSOCIATION (UPA). With a team of over 200 dedicated paralegals, she engage in daily volunteer work to enhance legal awareness within small communities. Collaboratively, they successfully implemented numerous impactful initiatives, with many more on the horizon.

In pursuit of nurturing the growth within the paralegal community, she is embarking on a visionary research endeavor. Her goal is to dive into the intricate tapestry of paralegal practices across the diverse landscapes of European nations. By uncovering the foundations that have fortified them as stalwart and influential pillars within their respective societies, she aspires to draw insightful parallels with the Ukrainian framework.

“This ambitious exploration is driven by the desire to infuse our paralegal landscape with a wealth of international wisdom. As I unravel the methodologies that have propelled European paralegals to prominence, I am poised to refine and amplify our own practices here in Ukraine. Through a meticulous examination of their journey towards efficacy and influence, I intend to illuminate pathways that can elevate our national paralegal impact.” – Hanna Ilashchuk

The European Paralegal Exchange: Strengthening the Ukrainian Paralegal Movement

Fellowship Summary: The Fellowship project aims to enhance and strengthen the community of paralegals in Ukraine through mentorship from the countries where the paralegals community is officially recognized.

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Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Human rights
Project duration August 2023 – March 2024