Hayk ABRAHAMYAN, Armenia
PROJECT: Learning for Liberation: Adult Education for Empowerment of Marginalized Communities

Hayk Abrahamyan is a civil society capacity development consultant with 10 years of experience in the field. In the past years, Hayk has worked with the Open Society Foundations – Armenia, Prague Civil Society Center, and the International Accountability Project. As a trainer and consultant, he provided capacity building support to grassroots organizations and civic initiatives in Armenia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia regions to design advocacy campaigns, develop strategies for communication and community organizing.

Hayk’s thematic area of expertise is in human rights, and specifically the right to non-discrimination. He has been involved in the civil society advocacy efforts in Armenia towards adoption of anti-discrimination legislation and policies. Hayk is the Chairman of the Non-Discrimination and Equality Coalition, which unites leading human rights activists and organizations in joint advocacy for anti-discrimination laws and policies in Armenia.

Hayk has a master’s degree in human rights from the Central European University. He is a member of several international professional networks, including the Leading Change Network and the Hope-based Communicators.

“I am deeply passionate about adult learning and interested in how civil society can use adult education approaches to foster personal liberation and social change. In my fellowship project I will explore the capacity building practices of Armenian CSOs working with marginalized communities. Together we will develop new approaches that center the transformative power of adult education in the work with their beneficiaries” – Hayk ABRAHAMYAN

Learning for Liberation: Adult Education for Empowerment of Marginalized Communities

Fellowship Summary: The Fellowship project will promote adult education approaches to capacity-building programs for marginalized groups. The fellow will undertake analysis of NGO training programmes working with ethnic minorities, domestic violence survivors, LGBTI people, and people with disabilities, then design and delivery of ToT (with handbook) for the trainers from these NGOs on how to apply adult education approaches to their work.

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Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Armenia
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Human rights
Project duration January - August 2024