Inga MALKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Restoration of Environment Affected by Military Actions

Since 2020 Inga Malko has been Chair of the board of the NGO “Stardub”.  Together with the organization members and volunteers she has implemented a number of environmental initiatives, including the innovative ‘Dubcrossing_UA’ project which was aimed at distributing acorns from ancient oaks growing in the Christera Hills for further greening of Ukraine.

Together with the community of Hirka Kristera, she advocates preservation and development of a unique green zone in the city of Kyiv, centred around the propagation of ancient oak trees.  Inga’s ideas and motivation have led her to receiving lots of public support, but not just from volunteers, the eco-trail ‘Century Oaks’ secured funding support from the public budget.

As a specialist in education, Inga likes to combine her conservation work with learning activities.  Together with her colleagues, she implements nature protection and educational projects for the purpose of preserving and developing the object of the nature reserve fund – the National Nature Park “Holosiivskyi”.

Unfortunately, as a result of the military aggression on the territory of the Holosiivskyi National Nature Park, its biodiversity was damaged, which in turn can harm people’s health. Implementing my Fellowship project I plan to inform community about the risks of visiting green areas in conditions of martial law and about impact of military actions on nature.” – Inga MALKO

Restoration of Environment Affected by Military Actions

Fellowship Summary: Raising awareness among civil society representatives, professional and future ecologists, environmental law specialists, public activists, representatives of city and state authorities working in the environmental field about the impact of military aggression on the environment, with a focus on the Holosiivskyi National Park.
Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Topics Environment & climate change
Mitigating misinformation
Project duration July 2022 - January 2023