Inna POLIAKOVA, Ukraine
PROJECT: IT Quality Assurance for Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Enthusiastic about better legislation in the technology area to spread the use of new technologies and respective legal advancements, Inna is implementing an initiative, which leads to more unified and accountable IT legislation in different countries.

In her capacity as a Senior Legal Advisor to international projects, she works on supporting and advising the Ukrainian authorities, the EU Delegation to Ukraine and other stakeholders of the EU assistance projects in Ukraine on the newest EU policies. Previously, she had a private law practice specializing in IT area and advised clients on various challenging tech matters. Inna also published first augmented reality book “Law + IT = Business Ways’.

Inna holds LL.M. degree in Computer and Communications Law from Queen Mary University of London, UK. She is qualified as a solicitor in the UK.

“I aim to ensure that the stakeholders are advised on the recent European developments [in the digital policy and legislation] and such developments are reflected in their digital transformation policy documents and action plans for the next 2-3 years. Increased knowledge and understanding of stakeholders on the newest EU digital policies will result in effective and coherent adoption and application of EU laws within the digital area in their home countries.” Inna POLIAKOVA

IT Quality Assurance for Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Fellowship Summary: Research and develop a set of guidelines on latest EU policies on public data and e-services and promote and debate these with key CSO and government stakeholders in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine.

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Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Topics Democratic participation
Project duration May - December 2022