Iryna BURBYLO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Strengthening the Organization’s Capacity through Professionalizing its Workers

Specialized in ecology and nature management, Iryna is an advocate of effective environmental mainstreaming in Ukraine. In her capacity as a project manager at the national non-governmental organization Ukrainian Youth Climate Association (UYCA), Iryna implemented different capacity-building and educational activities. Previously, she worked as a Green Economy Project Coordinator at the PPV Knowledge Network – an economic development agency . For over seven years, she has been working in the NGO sector, first as a volunteer and then as a full-time Project Coordinator covering environmental and climate issues.

Iryna holds a Master’s degree from Ivan Franco National University of Lviv (MSc. Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Well-balanced Nature Management) and studied management of Non-Profit Organizations at the Ukrainian Catholic University, Leadership and Management Institute.

“This fellowship was a milestone in my professional career. Through the meetings and distant collaboration with the partner organizations, I learned a lot more about the professional area and enhanced my leadership skills. An internship in DRA Berlin was very intensive in terms of acquiring new knowledge and applying for projects. Thanks to my colleagues there, I expanded a circle of my contacts and professional networks in Germany.” – Iryna BURBYLO

Strengthening the Organization’s Capacity through Professionalizing its Workers

The project aimed to build capacity for members of the non-governmental organization – Ukrainian Youth Climate Association (UYCA). Established in 2014, the organization promotes green initiatives in Ukraine and beyond. Within the framework of the fellowship, Iryna organized training and two board meetings for ten core members. During the meetings, the board evaluated the project achievements in the previous year and approved the new strategic plan. The managers also reviewed the list of potential partners and projects to ensure compliance with the global climate movement agenda. To improve professional qualification in the field, Iryna completed a 1-month internship at the climate department of DRA Berlin (Deutsch-Russischer Austausch, ENG: German-Russian Exchange), which is a partner organization supporting the development of civil society in Eastern Europe.

The project built the capacity of the organization’s core members in management, facilitation, negotiation, strategic planning, and team-building via the managerial meetings. As an outcome of the above events, the organization developed three project proposals, out of which one was approved and financed by the donor. Also, the organization developed a new strategy and action plan for the forthcoming years. Distance work and collaboration with the non-governmental organization Cooperation and Development Network (CDN) facilitated the regional partnership between those two CSOs. On top of that, a 1-month internship at the climate department of the DRA Berlin (Deutsch-Russischer Austausch, ENG: German-Russian Exchange) increased awareness of Iryna in the field of international civil society organizations work in regard to climate change and sustainability.

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Support to local actors to provide basic services
Youth empowerment
Project duration November 2017 - March 2018