Kartlos KARUMIDZE, Georgia
PROJECT: Empowering Kvemo Kartli’s Youth: A Research-Driven Civic Engagement Initiative

Kartlos Karumidze has over a decade of professional experience in youth development, education, and advocacy within the public and development sectors. His proficiency in policy development, project management, and strategic planning enables him to successfully drive youth empowerment initiatives. Throughout his career, he has successfully led the development of national youth policies, managed youth-focused educational programs, and provided consultancy services for capacity-building projects.

“The objective of my Fellowship project is to empower youth in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia, with a particular emphasis on ethnic minorities and girls. Through the identification of barriers to civic engagement, formulation of evidence-based policy recommendations, and implementation of targeted awareness campaigns, I aim to enhance youth participation in the region.” – Kartlos KARUMIDZE

Empowering Kvemo Kartli’s Youth: A Research-Driven Civic Engagement Initiative

Fellowship Summary: The Fellow will conduct a research in Kvemo Kartli to identify the root causes of lack of youth civic engagement and develop
evidence-based policy recommendations for both local authorities and CSOs. The Fellow will collaborate with local authorities and CSOs to implement campaigns to raise awareness about civic engagement among young people in the target region.

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Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Transparency & accountability
Youth empowerment
Project duration January - August 2024