Karyna LITVINOVA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Facilitating citizens’ access to e-Services in amalgamated communities (hromadas)

Skilled in research, e-Governance, and data analysis, Karyna is working towards fostering e-Democracy in Ukraine. She is a researcher/Project Coordinator at the Center for Innovations Development (CID) –a local think-tank aiming to facilitate an innovative eco-system for sustainable social, political, and economic development through electronic democracy. In her capacity as an e-Democracy expert at the civil society organization Reanimation Package of Reforms, she supports advancements on reforms to build an independent, consolidated, and democratic Ukraine. Previously, she worked as a research assistant for the EU4Business/FORBIZ Project and a hackathon mentor for the U-LEAD with Europea/DeHack Ukraine project. Karyna is also a co-Author of an Online Course on Digital Civic Activism and a Chief Editor of Digitl – a blog on Digital Society Development.

Karyna holds a Master’s degree in Consolidated Data Analysis (with honors) and Bachelor’s degree in International Relations/International Information (with honors) from the National Aviation University (Ukraine). She attended the Professional Development Course: Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Development Practice and obtained a certificate from the University of Sussex (UK).

“The EaP Fellowship was an opportunity to acquire support for the action I was dreaming about and change the place I live in for the better. The keyword here is ‘support’ which means new knowledge, valuable experience, opinion sharing with the other members of the EaP community. Since 2016 I coordinate development of the online database of IT-Solutions for e-Services in Ukraine. Consequently, I was honored for having an opportunity to invite hundreds of hromadas’ representatives to explore the database, promote its usage & continuously work on its practical implementation.”  – Karyna LITVINOVA.

Facilitating citizens’ access to e-Services in amalgamated communities (hromadas)

The project aimed to facilitate citizens’ access to e-Services in amalgamated communities (hromadas) of Ukraine. To identify high-quality and user-centered IT solutions for the local administrations, Karyna applied the research, monitoring, educational, and awareness-raising methods. To explore the most efficient electronic services for UTC residents, Karyna researched Public and Electronic Services for UTC Residents. The study was carried out through Data Mining & Analysis of IT-solutions to monitor public service in administrative units. The analysis was conducted from May 12th to June 1st, 2018, and comprised 24 regions. Apart from research, Karyna sent opinion polls to more than 700 administrative units. Based on the above findings, she developed e-Services online guide for hromadas’ citizens ‘OTG online’. To unify proactive administrative units towards e-Services Development, Karyna organized various gatherings, including One-Stop-Shop Interactive Panel (14 November 2018, Kyiv), Success Stories Gathering (September – December 2018), Cooperation via Online Platform (September – December 2018), and Practical Task on e-Democracy Tools (7 December 2018, Kyiv).

The project analyzed access to e-Services in the local Ukrainian administrative units. The action produced a bilingual research paper (English and Ukrainian version) – Public and Electronic Services for UTC Residents: Examples. Links. Statistics. The academic publication provides a big picture about the electronic services in UTC and analyzes information about electronic services, public services, and CDASs on official UTC websites (UTC centers); it identifies the main challenges and issues regarding the provision of electronic services in UTC. The research revealed that 500+ hromadas have at least 1+ e-Service and e-Participation (e-petitions & e-appeals) is the most widespread tool in respective units. However, 80% of implemented e-Services (including e-Participation tools) are not applied by the citizens. An online guide developed during the project serves as an instrument to raise e-literacy of the local people in Ukrainian hromadas. All in all, through electronic surveys, online platforms, and offline collaborative gatherings, the project united local administrative units and turned them into drivers of e-Service delivery.

Public services and electronic services for residents of Ukrainian Territorial Communities (in English):

Public services and electronic services for residents of Ukrainian Territorial Communities (in Ukrainian):

Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Democratic participation
Economic development
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration May 2018 - October 2018