Kateryna PUKHA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Increasing the Leadership Potential of Adolescents Studying at Vocational Schools

Enthusiastic about delivering non-formal education, Katerina is a social educator in Ukraine. In her capacity as a project coordinator at the All-Ukrainian Public Center Volunteer, she is working towards the prevention of aggressive behavior of adolescents, domestic violence, and child abuse. Katerina has more than 13 years of professional experience in the field of social work and civic education.

Katerina holds a Ph.D. degree in academic field from the University of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University and a Master’s degree in Social Pedagogy and Psychology from the Kiev University of Boris Grinchenko. 

“The fellowship was a fantastic opportunity to share my qualification and expertise with the 50 young change-makers of Ukraine. Apart from conducting training and stimulating social initiatives, I organized a collaborative meeting with the successful EaP fellows. The experience-sharing discussion with the EaP Alumni Network members – Bohdan Dyachenko, Marianna Marshal, Karina Litvinova, Olena Medvydenko, and Taguhi Kharatyan – was a tremendously inspiring event for our participants. Nowadays, the Development Studies ascended as a social enterprise offering a networking space for young people in Irpin to collaborate and develop their soft skills.” – Kateryna PUKHA

Increasing the Leadership Potential of Adolescents Studying at Vocational Schools

The action aimed to increase the leadership potential of adolescents/students of vocational schools within a non-formal education program Development Studies. The project brought together 50 students (aged from 14 to 25) in Kyiv who endeavored to improve the personal and social competencies. Hence, Katerina organized five one-day training sessions covering the trending topics, including social change, public activism, youth participation, creative thinking, and social project visibility. The young leaders applied newly-developed skills in practice and brainstormed/implemented ten socially-beneficial initiatives in their communities. Finally, the project deliverables and action results were assessed at the final event engaging all project beneficiaries.

The project produced a training program Development Studies, tailored to enhance the personal, social, and leadership skills of the young people. The action delivered five thematic training and raised awareness of the 50 young students in the Kyiv region, Ukraine. The training sessions served as a platform to discuss the social challenges faced by the local community, develop creative thinking, brainstorm special methods (SMART, Mind Map, Skill Swap) of the project management. As a result, the participants of the Development Studies program developed a proactive attitude and implemented ten initiatives after the completion of the training.

Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Capacity development
Topics Education
Youth empowerment
Project duration May 2018 - November 2018