Ludmila STUPARU, Moldova
PROJECT: Voting is not only our right, it is our power!

Interested in public policies and social welfare, Ludmila oriented towards a career in the non-governmental sector, acquiring experience in advocacy and research on anti-corruption, good governance, the rule of law and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova. 

Currently, she is a researcher at the local think-tank – Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova (CIPM), facilitating the political and economic integration of the Republic of Moldova in the European Union.  Within CIPM, Ludmila coordinates projects in the fields of Educational Reforms, Good Governance, and Anti-Corruption Policies and monitors the political relations between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova. She has been working in the non-governmental sector since 2012, occupying the positions of a Researcher, Program Coordinator, and Executive Director. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Security & Diplomacy, Ludmila is now pursuing a new academic challenge, becoming a Ph.D. student at the University of Bucharest, Romania.

“In my professional and academic activity, I have always accepted new challenges, being willing to learn and self-improve. This Fellowship program gave me yet another opportunity to have a positive impact on Moldovan society. Truth be told, our generation has a widely underestimated power to change the political landscape of the Republic of Moldova. However, I tried to change this attitude through legal education and awareness-raising campaigns. ThusI strongly believe that the right path for my country is its integration within the European Union as I saw and felt the positive changes in Romania right after it became an EU member state. The European integration of Moldova would only become possible if the younger population gets involved in political life. Overall, the action was an exciting experience, and I am equally proud and delighted for contributing to the higher youth engagement in the Presidential Elections in November 2020.” – Ludmila STUPARU

Voting is not only our right, it is our power!

The action aimed to encourage the first-time voters (18 years old) from Moldova to vote at the Presidential Elections (October-November 2020) through the national advocacy campaign: Voting Is not only our right but also, Our Power! To enhance the young people’s political knowledge about the electoral process and transform their general anti-system attitude into constructive criticism, Ludmila conducted research, educational, community outreach and large-scale communication campaigns. To identify key messages, Ludmila conducted desk research and drafted a policy brief on youth voter participation in the Republic of Moldova. Following this, she developed educational videos and the e-learning course: Learn Elections with the Online Election Courses explaining the specifics of the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local elections. Then, Ludmila launched a social media campaign: My First Vote and encouraged electoral participation through the Facebook and Instagram platforms.  In the last stage of the project, she engaged the members of the National Network for Legal Education comprised of the Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Anti-Corruption Officers and Civil Society Leaders to create the concept of the Democracy Classes containing 8 thematic webinars on the political engagement targeted on the high school students aged 17-18.

The Action produced a policy brief: Why You Should Vote along with 10 visual designs, promoting electoral participation among the young people in Moldova. Through the e-learning course and its 5 educational videos, the project engaged 200 users and raised their awareness of the national electoral systems. Also, the extensive advocacy campaign: My First Vote generated 32 Facebook/Instagram posts reaching and encouraging more than 76,000 young people to vote. On top of that, the Democracy Classes involved the field experts and educated 277 participants via the 5 live streams on the CIPM Facebook page. 

Online Course: Learn Elections with the Online Election Courses

Atributiile presedintelui / Duties of the President:

7 motive pentru care sa votezi / 7 reasons to vote:

Publication “My first vote”

Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Capacity development
Topics Democratic participation
Project duration May 2020 - November 2020