Maksym MAZYPCHUK, Ukraine
PROJECT: Increasing the Digital Capacity of Civil Society

Skilled in project management, non-formal education, and digital literacy, Maksym is working towards strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in Ukraine .

In his capacity as a Project manager at the Gurt Resource Center, Maksym provided services on strategic communications, monitoring and evaluation, communication campaigns, informational communicational technologies. From 2017 to 2021 he worked as a Coordinator of the Technology Assistance Program for Ukrainian Non-Profit Organizations (TechSoup Ukraine).

Maksym holds a Ph.D in History from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. 

“The EaP fellowship was an important step to rebuild my career as a civil society manager. Also, it inspired me to take more responsibilities in non-profit organizations and develop a better understanding of program management, budget planning, and decision-making. In retrospect, the online and offline events delivered within the action showed notable results. First, the participants learned the basics of digitalization, and then, participated in the discussion on digital transformation. I am even more delighted to continue training on digital literacy as my competencies and enthusiasm allow me to do so.” Maksym MAZYPCHUK

Increasing the Digital Capacity of Civil Society

The action aimed to increase the digital capacity and work efficiency of CSO managers through online education, such as webinars and workshops. To achieve the above objective, Maksym engaged a professional mentor and designed a training module. Following this, he organized webinars covering the areas of Cybersecurity, Cloud services, Office 365, Data Visualization and IT tools, Social Media Management, etc. Apart from online interactive training, the professional speakers suggested a list of recommendations for the CSO managers on digital literacy. At the final stage, Maksym organized two workshops on the topic of Digital Transformation. To increase the project visibility and awareness of the ICT solutions for the CSO managers, the project disseminated information through the different channels of the GURT Resource Center (web-portal, Facebook and YouTube)

The project engaged more than 1,800 CSO managers and delivered 8 interactive webinars offering innovative approaches to increase their work efficiency and service quality. Also, the CSO managers built their competencies in cybersecurity, team collaboration, and project management tools, data visualization, cloud services, etc. To showcase the project impact, 88% of the attendees confirmed that they actively apply the acquired knowledge to their everyday life. Besides, the offline workshops on Digital Transformation raised the awareness of 20 CSO managers and taught them how to identify organizations’ ICT needs and software solutions. As a part of the media outreach, Maksym published 8 announcements and 9 publications about the webinars and workshop deliverables. The project materials disseminated via different communication channels saw a huge interest from the target audience; more precisely, 6 318 unique views on the GURT Web-portal, almost 2 000 on YouTube (disseminated via six newsletters on digital transformation reaching up to 60 000 subscribers) and 164, 909 on Facebook.

A series of webinars developed and delivered within the action (in Ukrainian):

Webinar «How CSOs can mitigate the cyber-security risks»
During the webinar, participants learned how to create reliable passwords; how to reduce cyber-security risks, how to install basic settings for computer and smartphone accounts.

Webinar  «How not to lose important data. Do back ups properly»
Do you not know how to do a backup? Watch and learn why and how to do backups

Webinar  «Office 365 for NGOs: Who needs it and which problems it solves»
Watch and learn how NGOs can use Office 365 for project management needs.

Webinar  «Working together in Office 365: how to collaborate effectively»
Watch a webinar session that covers Office 365 collaboration tools. Learn how to work effectively in a team.

Webinar «Tools for data visualization: how NGOs can present project results qualitatively»
The webinar covered the following issues: what software is used to create infographics, the most common mistakes, and tricks for avoiding them.

Webinar «IT tools for project management»
The webinar covers using a variety of IT-tools for successful project management

Webinar «Facebook as a tool for effective communication for CSOs»
Learn how CSOs can use Facebook for promoting their activity and engaging more supporters.

Fellowship Programs 2019
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Education
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration May 2019 - December 2019