Mari CHAKRYAN, Armenia
PROJECT: Safe Playground for Your Kids and Mine

Driven by enthusiasm to forge sustainable environments, Mari advocates for the eco-friendly development of Armenia. In her capacity as a Project Manager at the non-governmental organization Public Awareness and Monitoring Center, she has been implementing various awareness-raising activities on environmental security, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and related topics. As a host of the environmental podcast at local information-analytical online media outlet – ALIQ Media Armenia, she manifests the pressing issues in the environmental sector of Armenia. Previously, she worked as a journalist for the local TV station Kentron as a producer and host of the Environmentalists’ Calendar TV program. Over the last 15 years, she has participated in more than 20 international conferences and international events tailored to environmental issues as a speaker, guest, and observer. With her role as an EaP Local Correspondent, Mari is sharing unbiased information about the social and political developments in Armenia.  

Mari holds a Master’s degree in Geography with a specialization in Geo-ecology from the Yerevan State University (Armenia) and a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Pedagogy from the same academic institution. 

“Being affiliated with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellows’ Alumni Network is a dynamic process. You never know which surprise is on its way. For the last four years, I have been receiving constant mentoring from experts in communication, technology, and project management. Apart from delivering progress in my community, I have a genuine feeling of belonging to the regional team of young change-makers who will shape the future. As an EaP Civil Society Alumna, I had the privilege to participate at the International Summer School: “European Policy Communications in the Digital Era” CEPOW Summer School, in Madrid, Spain. The experience gained from the latter event was valuable in my professional life; as the world is heading to digitalization and we have to adapt to it.” Mari CHAKRYAN

Safe Playground for Your Kids and Mine

The project: Safe Playground for Your Kids and Mine was an awareness-raising initiative promoting the public, particularly young women’s participation in decision-making concerning children’s outdoor playgrounds. To raise the voice of the parents from Yerevan, Mari organized training and workshops that resulted in developing a list of recommendations for the local decision-makers. In parallel with the training, the project monitored and assessed the conditions of the local playgrounds, including the study of heavy metals in soil and sanitary-bacterial research. Based on the above data, the field experts and civil society organizations elaborated on the document and shared it with the public officials. To reach broader audiences, Mari communicated the project deliverables via different media tools, such as radio podcasts, articles, and promo videos.

The project produced a handbook analyzing the playground conditions in Yerevan. Thus, Mari created a database showing the compatibility of the municipal playgrounds with the international standards. Through the training and workshops, the project informed more than 500 parents about playground issues and advocated their civic rights to demand better municipal infrastructure. The collaborative meetings with the local authorities improved equitable management and civic participation as well as public dialogue between the local administration and the community.

Project in media:

Children at Risk: Most Yerevan’s Playgrounds Found Unsafe,

Unsafe Heavy Metal Levels Found in Yerevan Playgrounds,

Միշտ չէ, որ աղբը աղբ է,

Radio- program “Yerevan”, Republic radio (from 1:00)

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Armenia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Topics Democratic participation
Environment & climate change
Project duration November 2017 - April 2018