Mariam KHUROSHVILI, Georgia
PROJECT: Civil Society Involvement in Monitoring Tbilisi City Hall

Driven by the desire for more youth empowerment and better policy monitoring, Mariam is working toward strengthening youth activism in Georgia. Applying creative solutions to societal challenges, she implemented various local and regional-scale projects since 2015. The outstanding results of her social media campaign #toleranceisfreedom got her nominated as UNAOC Top 100 Youth and earned her an invitation to the UNAOC 8th Global Forum at UNHQ, New York. Through the latter campaign, Mariam promoted ideas of humanism and involved audiences from different regions of Georgia and beyond. Currently engaged as a mentor of Young European Ambassadors (YEAs), she facilitates local teams to raise the awareness of young Georgians on education, civic engagement, and environmental security. Mariam is a member of various international academic communities, including the European Environmental Science Students Association (EURENSSA) since 2015 and the European Forum Alpbach since 2020. 

Mariam holds a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Politics and acquired her academic qualification from the Georgian (Tbilisi State University) and German (Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Political Sciences) institutions. 

This fellowship helped me deepen my understanding of the ongoing processes in my city. Having studied the programs from the perspectives of youth, gender, and environment, I became more aware of the local priorities. The meetings with the public officials and the field experts helped me view the bigger picture. This research was a cutting-edge project that developed my professional interest in environmental issues. It was tremendous to see that the local government launched environmental programs and regulations in compliance with our recommendations.” – Mariam KHUROSHVILI

Civil Society Involvement in Monitoring Tbilisi City Hall

The project studied the enforcement of Georgia’s political priorities (youth and women empowerment, environmental protection) by the local public administration. Through policy-monitoring research, Mariam assessed the budget and strategic documents of the Tbilisi City Hall from the perspectives of gender equality, environmental mainstreaming, and youth participation. The project also aimed to scrutinize public administration performance, accessibility to public information, and transparency of electronic governance. To investigate the local agendas in-depth, she applied different methodologies (desk research, interviews and content analysis). To raise awareness of the local administration, recommendations were then shared with the relevant departments. 

The study produced a bilingual report researching the local agenda of the Tbilisi City Hall in terms of gender, youth, and environment. In retrospect, the project delivered significant tangible results in the field of environmental protection. To address the current climate challenges, Mariam recommended a list of transport regulations. Within two years after the fellowship completion, the Georgian Government introduced mandatory technical inspections on the personal vehicles. Thus, the local authority initiated a new transport policy and sustainable mobility program in compliance with her recommendations. The newly-initiated program promotes the sustainable and green development of the city. Therefore, all ongoing infrastructure projects have to follow the recommendations proposed by the international field-experts.

When given the opportunity by the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility to replicate some of these achievements at a larger scale, Mariam initiated a regional action to research the local environmental agenda of six municipal administrations of Georgia (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi) and Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Kriviy Rig) in 2020. The regional project was implemented in collaboration with Bohdan Dyachenko (EaP Fellow from Ukraine) and Tea Turashvili (EaP Fellow from Georgia).

Report in English:

Report in Georgian:

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Topics Democratic participation
Transparency & accountability
Project duration December 2017-April 2018