Marianna MARSHALENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Bicycle-Friendly Business Certification Programme

Being a creative thinker and doer, Marianna is working towards sustainable development of Ukraine. In her capacity as a Partnership coordinator in U-Cycle she was responsible for creation and launching of the Bike-Friendly Certification Programme. Previously, she worked as a Partnership Coordinator at Kyiv Cyclists Association. Marianna has almost 7 years of professional experience in the hospitality industry in the international hotel chains. Also, as a Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator with 5 years of experience, she implemented various projects related to Planet Safety and Society in Need.

“I am more than excited to launch the first Ukrainian certification program for bike-friendly companies. The program became popular from the very beginning and attracted many supporters, including the Tourism Department of Kyiv, non-governmental organizations, and private companies. For me, this action was a success and pay-off for my six months of hard work and was inspired to continue to work for a sustainable development of Ukraine.” – Marianna MARSHALENKO

Bicycle-Friendly Business Certification Programme

The project aimed to design and launch a Bike-Friendly Certification Programme in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also, Marianna intended to check whether tourist services such as gastronomy, accommodation, campsites, tourist attractions, or shops in Kyiv had stores, basic repair tools, or information about cycling in the region. To achieve the latter objective, she implemented the action through 3 stages. First, Marianna collected and analyzed information from Germany (ADFC German Bicycle Club) and France (FUB – French Federation of Bicycle Users). Then, she created a website with promo video, and exclusive Bike-Friendly Certificates. The program was designed with two-level certificates – Green (basic) and Gold (advanced).  At the final stage of the project, Marianna held a final conference engaging business companies and local authorities, including the Tourism Department of the Kyiv City Administration, media representatives, cyclists, and other interested parties.  As a result, first bicycle-friendly companies (cafés, restaurants, business centers, and even a law firm) were awarded the programme certificates at the press-briefing. Afterwards, the Program developed an exclusive Orange Certificate for non-profit organizations, such as theatres, libraries etc.

The action launched the first bicycle-friendly business certification system in Ukraine. Through the program website and other visibility materials, the program promoted the most socially responsible partner companies. The Program sustainability tool is a website, where users can access all relevant information such as conditions of the Program, rules for participation, types of certificates, map with company location etc. Also, the action produced 2 videos about the program. The Project developed three certificates: Green award was given to the companies with the basic parking services and stores for the bicycles when the Gold certificate was granted to the enterprises with advanced facilities, such as toolkit box for repair work, maps with bicycle infrastructure, etc.; the Orange was designed for the non-profit organizations. The final conference served as a platform to facilitate collaboration among governmental agencies, businesses, and other NGOs. The action improved Marianna’s professional skills; during her internship at the ADFC German Bicycle Club Berlin, she learned how to design and launch the certification program while the traineeship at the French Federation of Bicycle Users (Strasbourg) was an opportunity to extend her international contacts.  Thus, having launched the final press-conference, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine – Lev Partschladze actively supported the Project.

Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Environment & climate change
Health & sports
Transport & road safety
Project duration June 2018 - November 2018