Mariia NYKYTIUK, Ukraine
PROJECT: Mentoring for Teachers in Rural Communities

Enthusiastic about education and teachers’ support, Mariia is working on mentoring programs for teachers within her fellowship.

She gained a wealth of experience serving as a Vice Principal at school and as a head of one of the teachers’ methodological associations in her community. Since 2019 she is a member of the Ukrainian Paralegal Association and a mentor for new paralegals in organization. In the difficult times of changes and the war, it is important to keep working with teachers, because education remains the foundation of any society. That is why within her Fellowship project Mariia supports Ukrainian teachers.

Mariia holds a master’s in education from Kyiv National Linguistic University, Ukraine.

“As a head of the teacher’s methodological association, I try to encourage teachers not to stop their personal development. I try to be a model role for them. The EaP Civil Society Fellowship is an important step in my career as a teacher, mentor and social activist. It encourages me to learn more about project management, budget planning and reporting. It is a great opportunity for me to get an experience which I can share with my colleagues and my students.” Mariia NYKYTIUK

Mentoring for Teachers in Rural Communities

Fellowship Summary: Develop and pilot a methodology and mechanism for mentoring school teachers in Boratyn (Volyn region of Ukraine) and then support association to adopt and promote, with adaptations for the war context.
Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Democratic participation
Project duration August - December 2022