Mykola HRAMAZHORA, Ukraine
PROJECT: Energy efficiency for youth for sustainable future

Driven by the power of education, Mykola is a foreign language and literature teacher in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine. In his capacity as a researcher and expert at the civil society organization Precarpathian Foundation for Sustainable Development, Mykola promoted regional sustainable development in different dimensions.  Currently, he is researching energy efficiency and renewables’ issues and writes articles about the above topics.  Overall, he has more than 5 years of research and teaching experience in the field.

Mykola holds a specialist degree of the Foreign Languages and Literature Teacher from the University of Kremenetsky Regional Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute of Taras Shevchenko.

“The Fellowship was a unique chance to diversify my experience and enlighten more than 100 young people in my city. Also, I familiarized myself with the best practices of the energy-efficiency teaching programs at the successful organizations from Ukraine and Eastern Partnership countries. Having improved my qualification in sustainable development on the local and regional levels, I successfully applied innovative methods in my teaching and research practices at school and my organization.” – Mykola HRAMAZHORA

Energy efficiency for youth for sustainable future

The project Energy Efficiency Every Day aimed to raise awareness of young people in the middle schools on everyday energy-efficient behavior. To do so, Mykola organized three workshops within the pilot educational project “New Energy” for the different target audiences. The first workshop on Energy Efficiency, Practical Skills in Energy-Efficient Behavior in Everyday Life was delivered to elementary school students. It was followed by the second workshop for the secondary school student on the topic of Renewable Energy – the Main Measures of Energy Efficiency. Finally, the last two workshops on  How to Calculate the Quantity of Lighting Required in the House – Practical Tips were conducted at the gymnasiums/lyceumsAlong with educational activities, Mykola organized a round table to discuss the sustainability and significance of the New Energy pilot programs. Finally, he spent 3 weeks at the local non-profit organization Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR Kyiv) to acquire practical experience and improve skills in communication and advocacy.

The action raised awareness of more than 100 students in energy efficiency and sustainability. Given that, interactive workshops enhanced young people’s understanding of everyday energy-efficient behavior following best European practices. Therefore, the project facilitated collaboration among the school administration, teachers, and the local authorities for future collaboration, as the roundtable initiated professional discussions on the “New Energy” pilot program and scientific center. The internship at the RPR Kyiv built capacity for Mykola, as he improved project management skills and extended his networks with sectoral experts, policymakers, and government officials.

Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Capacity development
Topics Education
Environment & climate change
Youth empowerment
Project duration June 2018 - November 2018