Narine GALSTYAN, Armenia
PROJECT: Lusashogh With Medical Clinic and Public Transport

Enthusiastic about social change, Narine is working towards the development of the rural communities of Armenia.

In her capacity as an Artashat Project Manager at the Armenian Caritas, she is contributing to the life quality change of the children and elderlies in difficult life situations by serving them with love and compassion. Narine has demonstrated professional experience as a Project Coordinator/Program Officer at various international organizations, including the World Vision Armenia and Transparency International Armenia. In 2018-2019 she worked as the Head of Lusashogh Rural Community and Community Business Facilitator at the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets. Currently, she is in the process of starting a new community center Lightshine, tailored to the youth development in Lusashogh rural area.

Narine holds a Master’s degree in Engineering /management and marketing/ from the Tomas Bata University in Zlin (Czech Republic) and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the Yerevan State University (Armenia).

I am extremely glad and honored to be Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellow and a change-maker of my small village. The Lusashogh rural community faced many challenges caused by the indifference of various stakeholders. Within the frame of my project, I facilitated dialogue with all parties, raised awareness of young parents and their children, and played as a role-model for the other young people ignited by the desire for change. This action hugely affected my career as a Program Officer since it advanced my qualification and extended my networks on the municipal and national/ministry levels.” – Narine GALSTYAN

Lusashogh With Medical Clinic and Public Transport

The action is aimed to resolve two issues faced by the Lusashogh rural community: A lack of public transportation and poor medical services. To address the above challenges, Narine conducted public surveys among the locals and organized meetings with the authorities of the Ararat Regional Municipality and the Vedi BUAT road serving company. Following this, she held additional two meetings at the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Armenia and engaged relevant high-level officials, including the Prime Minister of Armenia, the Minister of Territorial Administration, the Head of Ararat Regional Municipality, the Head of Lusashogh Municipality. Then, Narine renovated the old medical clinic and recruited specialists to deliver training on positive parenting, first medical assistance and teeth cleaning for the local people; the training raised the interest among young parents, their children and even the grandparents who actively attended the workshops.

The action facilitated dialogue among the Ararat municipality authorities, the private company and the local residents resulting in the extension of the bus line from the city to the Lusashogh village. The latter eased communication and mobility of the people from 3 local villages to the regional city. Thus, the project delivered the renovated local medical center providing access to the emergency and other medical services for the Lusashogh and other neighboring settlements. On top of that, the courses on positive parenting, emergency assistance and teeth cleaning enhanced awareness of the young parents and saw a high participation from the local community.

Fellowship Programs 2019
Country Armenia
Areas of Interest Service provision
Topics Economic development
Health & sports
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration May 2019 - November 2019