Nataliia HYZHKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Effective Fundraising – through an Individual Approach

Natalia is an expert in community investment and development for the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine. She holds an MA degree in Organisation Management from the Vinnytsia Trade and Economics Institute (KNTEU) and Specialist’s diploma in Electronic Technique Engineering from the Vinnytsia State Technical University.

Since 2017 she has been Head of the Regional Development Agency of Vinnytsia, tasked, together with her team, with planning for the effective management of territories based on quality data and the involvement of citizens.

Natalia has gained experience in planning and managing both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ projects.  These have involved using investments in local infrastructure and in improving local service provision to address pressing community needs. Her responsibilities have included work with a range of local, national and international stakeholders,  such as the World Bank, EU, UNDP Ukraine and Moldova, Skat Consulting Ltd, and Agriconsulting Europe Ltd.

Nataliia has applied her considerable experience to adjusting local planning and fundraising to the context of a war-impacted Vinnytsia.  Her fellowship has facilitated the development of specific local capacities:

“Participation in the Fellowship programme has allowed my team and me, and our friends from public organizations, to gain new knowledge about effective fundraising and to plan new events and projects with different budgets” – Nataliia HYZHKO

Effective Fundraising – through an Individual Approach

Fellowship Summary: Developing and rolling-out a fund-raising capacity building programme for community organisations in the Vinnytsia region.
Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Fundraising
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration June - November 2022