Nataliia YAROSHENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: enWAR_mental: Information Campaign of the War Impact on the Ecosystems in Ukraine

Passionate with environmental issues, Nataliia is working to estimate the war impact on ecosystems in Ukraine caused by the Russian invasion.

In her capacity as a young researcher in Sumy National Agrarian University, Nataliia is interested in discovering how local issues and the changes in daily habits relate to the global climate problems. As a European Climate Pact Ambassador she combines ecology and art to contribute to the dialogue between local community and climate change activists. She is also a Study of US Institutes Alumnus and implements small research projects in various parts of Ukraine.

Nataliia holds a Master`s Degree in Ecology from the Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy (2019, Cherkasy, Ukraine), a Bachelor`s Degree in Philology (English and Foreign Literature) from the Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A. Makarenko (2020, Sumy, Ukraine). Currently she is a PhD student in Ecology at Sumy National Agrarian University and doing her research project at the University of Kassel (Kassel, Germany) with the support of Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt.

“The fellowship is a new impulse to keep the eco activism in Ukraine moving. My team and I are extremely excited about the civic changes we can already see. The aim of my project is to enhance the awareness about the war impact on the ecosystems in Ukraine, as well as to raise the awareness that restoring the nature might require lots of resources. This project is an opportunity to make some smart changes in the society combined with my personal development. EaP Civil Society Fellowship team is leading me strategically through the process of becoming an influential environmental professional,” NATALIIA YAROSHENKO

enWAR_mental: Information Campaign of the War Impact on the Ecosystems in Ukraine

Fellowship Summary: Enhance the awareness of the war impact on the environment among Ukrainian students by implementing the information campaign “enWAR_mental”.

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Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Topics Environment & climate change
Project duration May - December 2022