Natia ZOIDZE, Georgia
PROJECT: Empowering Women’s Health: Policy and Advocacy in Georgia

Natia Zoidze is deeply committed to advancing democracy, human rights, and gender equality in Georgia. As the Deputy Director at the Center for Development and Democracy (CDD), she leverages her legal background and passion for social justice to drive positive change. With a focus on democratization processes and electoral integrity, Natia works to promote inclusive governance and women’s empowerment.

In her current role, Natia leads initiatives aimed at raising awareness about EU integration and countering disinformation, collaborating closely with religious communities, including the Georgian Orthodox Church. For the fellowship she is implementing the project “Empowering Women’s Health: Policy and Advocacy in Georgia,” where she advocates for women’s rights and access to healthcare. Natia believes that ensuring women’s access to health services is not only a matter of human rights but also a crucial step towards achieving gender equality and social justice.

“When women thrive, societies flourish.” Empowering women’s access to healthcare is essential for building inclusive and resilient communities, where every individual can fully participate and contribute to positive change. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women and girls in Georgia.” – Natia ZOIDZE

Empowering Women’s Health: Policy and Advocacy in Georgia

Fellowship Summary: The Fellowship intends to identify possible policy reforms to ensure that vulnerable women and girls have better access to healthcare services.

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Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Topics Gender issues
Human rights
Project duration January - August 2024