Nino JIBUTI, Georgia
PROJECT: Youth Internal Mobility in Georgia

Nino is a young professional from Georgia, skilled in project planning and management, and passionate about researching topics such as regional development, democracy, youth, and citizen-centered policies.

Nino is currently serving as a Project Officer at the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) coordinating Promoting Youth Transformational Leaders program, supported by USAID. The project aims at raising awareness of young people on socio-political processes and the democratization of Georgia. Over the past couple of years, she has worked on the different donor-supported programs within the organization. She is serving as a research fellow at the EaP Civil Society Cooperation and her research focuses on youth internal mobility issues in Georgia. Nino obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social and Political Science Faculty from the Tbilisi State University (TSU) and Nino spent one academic year during her undergraduate studies at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. She holds a European master’s degree in Social Policy and studied in Portugal, Norway, and Sweden through the Erasmus Mundus Joint MA Program.

Over the past 10 years, Nino has worked in the development field serving at different international organizations such as American Councils and World Vision, and has vast experience in initiating and implementing different social projects with foreign donors. Her initiatives focused on civil activism, volunteering, political participation, human rights, women’s empowerment, and providing equal opportunity and access to resources for youth residing in remote areas of Georgia.

 “I am privileged to be able to serve as a Fellow and carry out research on the youth internal mobility in Georgia to better understand the context in the regions, find root causes of youth internal migration, as a result, develop recommendations for the policymakers, and discuss solutions through fostering a cross-sectoral dialogue. I firmly believe that grassroots initiatives is one of the most powerful ways to voice the concerns of vulnerable groups and make an impact.” Nino JIBUTI

Youth Internal Mobility in Georgia

Fellowship Summary: Analysis of youth migration issues in regions of Georgia and facilitating fora for CSOs and local government to debate youth policies and mobility.
Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Topics Youth empowerment
Project duration May - November 2022