Olena MEDVEDENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Advocacy of Better Implementation of Public Consultations in Ukraine

Skilled in research and policy analysis, Olena is working towards e-democracy and good governance in sport. In her capacity as an expert at the local think-tank Center of Innovation Development (CID Kyiv), she is involved in the development of a public model of participation budget in Ukraine and the introduction of public consultations at the local level. In 2016-2017 Olena was a member of the Civic Commission on Kyiv Participatory Budget, authorized by CID. In early 2019 she headed the School of Public Budget of Kyiv. In 2015-2020 she served as a Deputy Assistant for the Kyiv City Council. As an advisor to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Head of Data Analysis Department of the Office of Reforms at the Ministry in 2019-2020, she was responsible for the development of a new Strategy and the Roadmap for the Development of Sports in Ukraine.

Olena holds a Master’s degree in Arabic and English Philology from the University “Eastern world” and in Physical Rehabilitation from the National University of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine.

“My Participation in the fellowship program was a major step towards enhancing my expert work in the field of public consultations in Ukraine. The extended competencies and contacts enabled me to work on a new level. For instance, I was invited by the Secretary Cabinet of Ministers to participate in two important forums conducted by Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine where the Government has gathered all stockholders from Central Bodies and civil society to discuss the new format of Public Consultations in Ukraine. I am very inspired by the result of joint efforts of many European approach supporters in Ukraine (both civil servants and civil society) that facilitated the adoption of updated Draft Law on Public Consultations by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. So now it has all chances to be finally adopted by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 2021.– Olena MEDVEDENKO

Advocacy of Better Implementation of Public Consultations in Ukraine

The project aimed to draw public attention to the importance of the Draft Law on Public Consultations in Ukraine. To achieve the above objective, Olena conducted research, community outreach, and capacity-building activities. First, she analyzed the Draft Law on Public Consultation across the country covering 27 Local Authorities, 14 Public Agencies, 18 Ministries, and 21 public Services of Ukraine. Then, based on the accumulated data, Olena developed an analytical study, policy brief, and guidelines. Following this, she submitted a list of recommendations to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and organized workshops in two regional Ukrainian cities – Cherkasy and Kryvyi Rih. To share the project deliverables on a larger scale, Olena and two EaP fellows from Ukraine Anna Yemelyanova and Karina Litvinova organized E-Democracy Forum, engaging up to 70 public servants from Ukraine.

The action produced an analytical paper and guidelines (online + 500 copies) researching the legal process of public consultations in Ukraine, both at the central and local levels. The policy brief: E-consultations as a Part of Public Consultations in Ukraine and relevant guidelines evolved public discussion among the officials and other stakeholders at the E-Democracy Forum. Through sharing the list of recommendations with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the project facilitated public dialogue with the government of Ukraine. Thus, two regional seminars served as a collaborative platform for the non-governmental organizations, public authorities, and local deputies to discuss the draft law recommendations. On top of that, the advocacy video about the benefits of public consultations raised awareness of the local authorities and the general public.

Guidelines on public consultations  (in Ukrainian):

‘e-Consultations’ Policy Guide (in Ukrainian):


Fellowship Programs 2018
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Democratic participation
Project duration May 2018 - November 2018