Olesia HOSHCHUK, Ukraine
PROJECT: Youth in Action: A Series of Project Management Trainings for Young People

During 8 years of professional activity Olesia has managed the implementation of more than 40 projects in the field of culture, and cooperated with a dozen Ukrainian and international public organizations. She is interested in using innovative technologies to preserve and promote Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Olesia constantly combines professional activities with educational projects, because before working in the public sector, she was a lecturer at the Ostroh Academy National University, where she received a Master’s degree in Culture in 2011. Since 2018, she has been promoting the development of informal education in the field of project management by organizing trainings, conferences and summer schools.

“Today, I am happy to have the opportunity to transfer my knowledge of project management to Ukrainian youth who need support during the war. My professional path also began with a similar training, so for me it is an opportunity to continue the work of my mentors and inspire the next generation to initiate and implement ambitious projects that will develop Ukrainian society” – Olesia HOSHCHUK

Youth in Action: A Series of Project Management Trainings for Young People

Fellowship Summary: A series of project management trainings for 80 young people from 4 regions “Youth in action” to increase their knowledge in the field of project management and public sector management.

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Fellowship Programs 2022
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Community mobilisation
Topics Youth empowerment
Project duration February - July 2023