Olha RUDA, Ukraine
PROJECT: 10:11 Mentorship Programme

Olha Ruda is the founder and CEO of the 10:11 Mentorship Programme, mentorship consultant, and concept designer of educational products. She founded 10:11 in 2020 as a grassroots initiative for the high school students of the school she graduated from in Velyki Mosty, Ukraine. The Programme later grew into a national one, currently open to any Ukrainian high school student who wants to have the support of a personal mentor. Further development of 10:11 will be the focus of Olha’s Fellowship.

In 2023, Olha graduated from the MA in Education and Technology at the University College London as a recipient of the British government scholarship Chevening. She continues to work in ed-tech, driven by passion about the ways in which technology could make education more accessible and effective.

“I sincerely believe that everyone is capable of amazing things when given the right support. At 15, I was lucky enough to meet a mentor who told me about the exchange opportunity that changed my life. Now, I want every high school student in Ukraine who feels a need for such a mentor to have access to them.” – Olha RUDA

10:11 Mentorship Programme

Fellowship Summary: The Fellowship project aims to develop methods and mechanisms for the organisation ’10:11′ in order to promote and support mentoring within the civic sector, with specific emphasis on Ukrainian youth.

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Fellowship Programs 2023
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Education
Youth empowerment
Project duration January - August 2024