Pavlo BOGACHENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: PROVIDNYK – Interactive Map for People with Mobility Limitations

Specialized in Negotiation, Dispute Resolution and International Law, Pavlo is a Commercial Litigation and International Arbitration Lawyer from Ukraine. 

In his capacity as an Associate/Attorney-at-Law at the international law firm – DLA Piper, he provides legal support in commercial dispute resolution and litigation against the state authorities and international arbitrations. Pavel became involved in civil society initiatives in 2011 and organized various national and international educational projects in Ukraine, in cooperation with the British Council, Embassy of Finland to Ukraine, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Impact Hub Odesa, etc. In 2019 he engaged in the PROVIDNYK project as a Head of the Odesa region. Pavel is a National Debating Champion of Ukraine and a recipient of the various international awards, including the GMF’s Transatlantic Inclusion Leaders Network program and ABA Dispute Resolution Fellowship. 

Pavel holds an LL.M. degree in Trial Advocacy from the Chicago-Kent College of Law and Master of Laws from the Odessa Mechnikov National University.

“The mobility problems of the people with disabilities worried me a lot as a citizen and a member of the NGO community. Usually, these issues are kept silent and the Provodnik project was an action revealing and mitigating the above problem. The Fellowship helped me to contribute into the improvement of the quality of life of Ukrainians with limited mobility and positively impact the community life in my country. The project achievements were so inspiring that our team started finding new partners for the 3rd stage of the PROVIDNYK project.” – Pavlo BOGACHENKO

PROVIDNYK – Interactive Map for People with Mobility Limitations

The PROVIDNYK Action aimed to improve the quality of life of Ukrainians with limited mobility by contributing to the development of accessible infrastructure in their hometowns. The project was implemented in several stages. First, the project team tested and fixed the defect of route planning features for the PROVIDNYK platform. PROVIDNYK is an interactive map tailored to people with mobility limitations to help them navigate in the cities of Ukraine, review the accessibility of places and send automatic complaints (requests) to governmental bodies. In the second stage of the project, the team developed the Users’ Rating and Gamification Feature to the map to increase the users’ engagement and data contribution. Following this, Pavel expanded the map coverage in the additional 3 cities of Ukraine (Vinnytsia, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia). The development of the inclusive map was followed by an online promotion campaign to cover more potential users. Finally, the project team conducted the Online Kyiv Inclusive Roundtable involving the stakeholders from business and governmental sector, as well as civil society activists, and live-streamed the event in Zoom & YouTube.

The project developed and launched two advanced PROVIDNYK features – Route Planning and Users’ Rating & Gamification. As of 30 November 2020, Version 2.0 of the PROVIDNYK map has been successfully covering three additional cities of Ukraine – Vinnytsia, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia; the registered users from those cities already mapped and rated 722 objects (places) on the web-platform. The online visibility campaign and roundtable reached more than 371,000 people and raised public awareness regarding problems of employment of people with disabilities and the creation of a barrier-free infrastructure; Over 80 participants joined/watched live discussion of the Online Kyiv Inclusive Roundtable. On top of that, the implementation of the PROVIDNYK Action has contributed to consolidating the efforts of civil society, state, business, and the public in building an inclusive society in Ukraine.

Online Kyiv Inclusivity Roundtable | 20.11.2020 (in Ukrainian):


Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Civic tech & digital transformation
Human rights
Support to IDPs and vulnerable groups
Project duration June 2020 - November 2020