Salome SICHINAVA, Georgia
PROJECT: Contributing successfully reforming and upgrading public services at municipal level in Georgia

Salome is a project manager in one of the leading Georgian Think Tank – Center for Training and Consultancy. She is an author of number of researches on local self-government and civil engagement in policymaking process. As a researcher and trainer she received various grants and awards. Salome gained master degree in political science in 2015 and currently, she is doing PHD on regional development policy and local-government.

Salome SICHINAVA: “The Fellowship creates great connections, inspire innovations, creativity and challenge ideas that leads to the positive progress. I believe that the Fellows’ enthusiasm and professionalism will significantly promote development of strong and sustainable societies.”

Contributing successfully reforming and upgrading public services at municipal level in Georgia

Poor quality of public services have been a major challenge for Georgia’s development in many years. Despite the many progressive steps have been made by the Government of Georgia to improve public services, many problems still need to be tackled, especially at the regional and local level.

Municipal public services in Georgia cover following main areas: water supply, cleaning and waste management, preschool education system, social assistance and healthcare, passenger transfers, culture facilities and etc. All these services effects citizens’ daily life and it is crucial to have high quality, equal accessible and well-administered public services.

The Fellowship project aims to facilitate improvements of public services at local level and raise awareness of local population on the public services and policy engagement practices. It will also, promote youth and community leaders to proactively engage and participate in designing and better provision of public services at local level.

The Action will be conducted in one of the biggest region of Georgia – Kakheti and includes the following main activities:

  • Developing policy paper and relevant recommendations on public service standards for local governments
  • Conducting training for youth and community leaders on monitoring and advocacy
  • Holding informative campaigns
  • Organising advocacy initiatives

The study prepared during the project will support local governments to identify key challenges during planning and providing public services and support them to build proper strategy for more effective and efficient service delivery.

Through training and informative meetings, awareness of local communities on public services and engagement mechanisms in decision-making process will be improved. Thus, it is anticipated that involvement of local citizens in policymaking process will be increased.



Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Awareness raising
Cooperation with authorities
Topics Participatory decision-making
Sustainable development
Urban development
Project duration May 2020 - November 2020