Samvel GRIGORYAN, Armenia
PROJECT: Enhancing Cooperation between CSOs & Young Civil Leaders Working in the Ararat Region of Armenia

Skilled in policy research and analysis, Samvel is working in the field of public health and development. As an active member of the local non-governmental organization Tree of Life, he implemented a number of social, public health and environmental projects. His voluntary and social actions were reinvigorated by the academic activities, as he started researching for the National Institute of Health of Armenia in his capacity as a research expert. He is an experienced healthcare consultant currently working for the Armenian EyeCare Project as a Project Coordinator for the development of National Diabetes Strategy.

Samvel holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the American University of Armenia, which is affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health (Baltimore, Maryland, USA).

“Sharing the knowledge with the leaders of tomorrow is caring about your country today. I was thrilled by the unity and creativity of the young Araratians inspired by social change. Apart from empowering other young leaders, this action was an exclusive opportunity for me to acquire practical experience and improve my team management skills.” – Samvel GRIGORYAN.

Enhancing Cooperation between CSOs & Young Civil Leaders Working in the Ararat Region of Armenia

To enhance the cooperation among civil society leaders in the Ararat region (Armenia), the project delivered eight workshop sessions at the host organization Impact Hub Yerevan. The workshop program comprised eight workshop sessions on the topics of good leadership, social entrepreneurship, effective management of non-profit organizations, media outreach, tourism, and environmental mainstreaming. The seminars engaged 12 young leaders from ten local communities. To present and share the future collaboration initiatives, Samvel organized one final event. Finally, young participants organized a tree-planting campaign in the Ararat village as the best project idea.

The project established an interactive platform for civic leaders from the Ararat region, where they can network with like-minded young enthusiasts. The capacity-building training increased the awareness of 12 local leaders. Hence, the project stimulated beneficiaries’ inclination towards leadership, social entrepreneurship, green initiatives, and other trending civic topics. The participants learned how to address the local challenges through applying the problem-solving tools introduced at the training. Therefore, young leaders became more aware of how to promote their activities via modern technologies. All participants actively participated in the tree-planting campaign held in the kindergarten yard of Ararat village.

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Armenia
Areas of Interest Capacity development
Topics Democratic participation
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Project duration November 2017 – March 2018