PROJECT: Fostering Democratic Citizenship in Georgia

Trained in political science and international relations, Sandro is a civil society representative from Georgia. In his capacity as an Organizational Development Manager at Georgian Center for Strategy and Development, Sandro hand in hand with his colleagues, is working to support Georgia’s development and democratization process.  For around two years, Sandro has designed and implemented projects that assisted both state and non-state actors through capacity building activities, awareness raising, technical assistance and other measures with an aim to build more resilient, democratic and viable state and society. Before joining GCSD, Sandro spent most of his career at the Ministry of Defense, specifically at Reform Coordination and Monitoring Department, supporting the reformation effort. In academic field, Sandro has been teaching democracy, both at university and high school level. He is keen to contribute to the strengthening of Georgia’s democratic consolidation and sustainable development. His areas of interest include democracy and democratization, political regimes, citizenship, international relations, defense and security.

Sandro holds an Honors Degree in International Relations at the University of St Andrews, and a Master’s degree in Political Science, at Ilia State University. Currently, Sandro is a Ph.D. student at Ilia State University, researching dominant party systems in Georgia and Armenia.

Fostering Democratic Citizenship in Georgia

The key objective of the Fellowship project is to foster democratic political culture among the youth as well as the wider society in Georgia. The project will raise awareness of the youth and of the wider society about the importance and benefits of democracy and encourage reflection on the role of citizens in it. With the help of lectures/discussions, essay and photo contest, corresponding exhibition and the videos produced, at least 300 youngsters should improve their understanding of issues of democracy and citizenship, while developing interest towards becoming more active citizens themselves. At the same time, the focus group and subsequent report should enrich existing literature on the topic of political culture in Georgia and encourage future research.

Fellowship Programs 2021
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Democratic participation
Project duration May - November 2022