Stanislav GHILETCHI, Moldova
PROJECT: Evaluation of Public Transport in Chisinau, Moldova

Skilled in research and policy analysis, Stanislav is fostering public dialogue in Moldova. In his capacity as the Head of Public Policy Unit at the State Chancellery of Moldova, Stanislav was responsible for strategic management, public policy development, policy evaluation, and training at the Academy of Public Administration. Currently, he is Deputy Director for Research at the Institute of European Policies and Reforms working in the area of infrastructure and local transportation, good governance and European integration in Chisinau. Over the past years, he has been particularly interested in improving public transport by engaging local citizens through public dialogue. As an EaP Local Coordinator, Stanislav contributed to disseminating unbiased information about the social and political landscape of  Moldova.

Stanislav holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He was a recipient of the highly-prestigious Chevening Scholarship, funded by the government of the United Kingdom.

“Being a part of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellows’ Alumni network is very enlightening; it gives me the chance to hear about other people’s priorities, perspectives and solutions to the common problems faced on a daily basis by our local communities. One of the best ways to educate myself is to brainstorm my ideas with the other fellows. I truly believe that by sharing our initiatives with each-other we can all become stronger and better.” – Stanislav GHILETCHI

Evaluation of Public Transport in Chisinau, Moldova

The action aimed to assess and evaluate the urban public transport in Chisinau in terms of comfort, vehicles, reliability, accessibility, and other relevant variables. To elaborate on the more inclusive public policies, Stanislav engaged the city residents in the discourse via applying the user-centered approach. Through research and online surveys, he studied public perception about the local transportation in Moldova. To identify trends and appraise the quality of the municipal transport system, Stanislav created a database of the 10 general and 28 specific indicators. The survey results are public and accessible for anyone, including the local media and decision-makers. In parallel with the research, he organized meetings, workshops, and interviews with local authorities, civil society activists, and media outlets. To improve the qualification and expand professional networks in the field, Stanislav participated in the training course offered by the Institute for Training Transportation Professionals, Manchester (the UK).

The project produced the research document and survey database aimed to facilitate inclusive public policies in Chisinau. Through the policy-oriented research, Stanislav enhanced critical thinking among the city residents and liaised between the people and the government by designing innovative solutions. Hence, the database played a crucial role for the local government in identifying public preferences. The research findings will serve as basic guidelines for the government while making policies on sustainable public transportation. Hence, the workshops and training held within the project increased the awareness of civil society actors; the meetings with the public officials put the topic of public transportation at the forefront of their political agenda.

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Topics Economic development
Support to local actors to provide basic services
Transport & road safety
Project duration November 2017 - April 2018