Stanislav GHILETCHI, Moldova
PROJECT: Evaluation of Public Transport in Chisinau, Moldova

Stanislav graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science with MSc in Public Policy and Administration. He was the recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship, offered by the government of the United Kingdom. In 2011 – 2015 he worked at the State Chancellery as a Head of Public Policy Unit, responsible for strategic management, public policy development, policy evaluation and trainings at the Academy of Public Administration.

Since 2016 Stanislav has been working as a public policy expert at the Institute of European Policies and Reforms. His specific focus area is the local transport in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. Over the past year, he’s been particularly interested in improving public transport by fostering citizen involvement through an established public dialogue platform between authorities and citizens.

Stanislav Ghiletchi: ‘This Fellowship enables me to pursue a project that stimulates and deepens public debate about urban mobility via public transport as one of the main challenges facing both, local authorities and residents of Chisinau. This Fellowship helps me undertake a policy-oriented research and enhance critical thinking, needed to improve the quality of public transport services by designing innovative solutions.”

Evaluation of Public Transport in Chisinau, Moldova

The evaluation of public transport in Chisinau must be regarded as a prerequisite for developing and improving transport services throughout the city. However, very few public transport policies implemented by local authorities gained public acceptance, as they failed to understand how users evaluate the quality of public transport services.

Therefore, the goal of this Fellowship Project was to assess and evaluate urban public transport (in terms of comfort, vehicles, reliability, accessibility, etc.) with an approach centred on user perceptions that would support the implementation of inclusive public policies for the improvement of transport services in Chisinau.

The specific objective of the action was to design and build a database of global indicators. This set of indicators allows the comparison of various transport systems (bus, trolleybus, mini-bus) on different levels (overall transport, specific lines, specific city regions or sectors).

Conducted activities:

  • Online survey to find out public perception of the quality of public transportation in Moldova;
  • Data collection from surveys and its analysis;
  • Creation of the database of relevant indicators (10 general indicators and 28 specific indicators) to be used in appraising the quality of the overall public transport in Chisinau;
  • Meetings, workshops and interviews with local authorities, CSOs and media representatives;
  • Participation in the training course at the Institute for Training Transportation Professionals in Manchester, the United Kingdom;
  • Presentation of survey results and the policy paper with recommendations to local authorities for improving the quality of public transport.


After the end of his project, Stanislav continues to persuade the local government to institutionalize the process of evaluation in order to better understand citizens’ priorities and to improve the effectiveness of designed policies.

Fellowship Programs 2017
Country Moldova
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Collection of evidences
Cooperation with authorities
Topics Public safety
Sustainable development
Transport & road safety
Project duration November 2017 - April 2018