Stefaniia MARSHALENKO, Ukraine
PROJECT: Paint Their Life

Driven by art and creativity, Stefaniia is working towards bringing joy and happiness to the children and teenagers in Ukraine. In her capacity as a founder of the PTL – Paint Their Life Art project, she organized a team of professional artists and painted walls in orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and special schools along with their small inhabitants.

Stefaniia holds a Master’s Degree in Filmmaking, from the Kyiv National University Theater and Cinema, Ukraine. Stefania is a dreamer combining her profession with her hobbies of drawing, painting and sculpture.

Thanks to the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility, I successfully implemented the creative project: Paint Their Life affecting one of the most vulnerable youth groups in Ukraine. The action helped me to upgrade my leadership and organizational skills during all events. Also, I acquired invaluable experience in teaching children and enhancing their interest in Art. I was fascinated by the project contributors and stakeholders having offered additional resources for the PTL Fund to pursue with the project activities. Now #PaintTheirLife accepts orders for wall painting in any houses, homes, business centers, etc. in Kyiv, that will support our team to organize new trips to orphanages and paint for the children! We are looking forward to new partnerships to make children happier again! – Stefaniia MARSHALENKO

Paint Their Life

The Art Project: Paint Their Life aimed to inspire children and youth from the Ukrainian orphanages, rehabilitation centers, children’s homes through their engagement with the local artists. To transform the interior of the above public facilities and bring joy to its inhabitants, Stefaniia and her friends painted 7 rehabilitation centers in Kyiv. The art project was followed by the development of the PTL official website to showcase project impact and raise visibility/financial resources for their future interventions. At the final stage of the action, Stefaniia organized a Project Exhibition at the Main Hall of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture engaging the project beneficiaries, volunteers, the Union of Artists of Ukraine and other stakeholders.

The action delivered the official website ensuring the project sustainability and active involvement of the respective donors/private contributors to the social initiative. During the fellowship, #PaintTheirLife artists visited 7 buildings, painted more than 10 walls, created the scenery for the Children’s Charity Festival, and inspired hundreds of young people. Also, the excursion to Kyiv and exhibition at the National Academy of Arts and Architecture engaged 20 teenagers from Rehabilitation Centers of Kyiv interested in art and creativity; they had the opportunity to watch how future artists study, work and what they should do to become a professional artist. As a result, young people raised their awareness on the study opportunities at the Academy through the direct networking with the university lecturers and students. 

Fellowship Programs 2019
Country Ukraine
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Topics Culture & Art
Project duration May 2019 - November 2019