Syuzanna SOGHOMONYAN, Armenia
PROJECT: Promoting Direct Democracy for Strengthening Human Rights in Armenia

Syuzanna is a Programs’ Coordinator at the Armenian Lawyers Association. She has worked and provided services both to international and regional organizations, international and national CSOs and private sector companies, state authorities, specialized in human rights protection, political risk assessments, public ethics, and political integrity. She was an anti-corruption independent expert appointed by the RA Government. In 2017, she was awarded as an “Anti-Corruption Champion” by the International Governance & Risk Institute and British Embassy in Armenia.

Syuzanna is a (co)author of more than 40 research pieces and author of a state-level policy document, contributed to the adoption of the RA Laws on Corruption Prevention Commission; Whistleblowers System; RA Strategies on Anti-Corruption, Judicial and Legal, and Gender Equality; amendments in Judicial and Criminal Codes, etc. She is an attorney at law and a member of the Armenian Bar Association.

She earned LL.M. from the American University of Armenia and the RA National Academy of Science, as well as holds LL.B. from the University of International Economic Relations. Syuzanna has graduated from the Advanced Course “Leadership and Management for Integrity” of the Central European University.

Syuzanna SOGHOMONYAN: “This is a very great truth: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” We must realize that the protection of human rights is the cornerstone of every democratic and legal country, which enables society to live in peace and solidarity, feel secure and happier. This unique fellowship will allow me to be one step closer to my dream of strengthening human rights protection in Armenia.”

Promoting Direct Democracy for Strengthening Human Rights in Armenia

Since its independence, the Republic of Armenia (RA) has approved and adopted various strategic legal acts to protect human rights in Armenia as well as to fulfill international commitments. Despite the infrequent importance, the problem of the improper implementation of the mentioned documents has always been raised.

On 26 December 2019, the RA Government approved the National Strategy for the Protection of Human Rights and its Implementation Action Plan for the period of 2020-2022 (referred to as National Strategy.) From these perspectives, the implementation monitoring of the National Strategy as well as informing communities, citizens, and other stakeholders on the results of the monitoring, is pivotal.  Additionally, the CSO and youth engagement in policy-making and watchdog activities is crucial for every democratic and legal country․

Project activities:

  • Study of the Swedish and Georgian experience on the methodology of the Human Rights-Based Approach, CSO engagement in policy-making as well as effective monitoring tools of policy implementation.
  • Public engagement in the policy implementation process.
  • Youth engagement in the policy implementation process, organization of the Republican Conference on the topic “The RA National Strategy on Human Rights Protection: Challenges and Perspectives.”
  • Monitoring implementation of the National Strategy and identification of the gaps.
  • Drafting of the monitoring report and recommendation packages aimed at the improvement of the implementation of the National Strategy and human rights protection.
  • CSO-Government Dialogue Conference aimed at building consensus on the mentioned recommendations.

The evidence-based report with recommendations on the monitoring results will be developed with the purpose to improve the RA National Strategy and human rights protection, aimed at the adoption of the Human Rights-Based Approach policy in Armenia.

Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Armenia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Cooperation with authorities
CSOs’ cooperation
Policy monitoring
Topics Civic rights
Rule of Law
Project duration May 2020 - October 2020