Syuzanna SOGHOMONYAN, Armenia
PROJECT: Promoting Direct Democracy for Strengthening Human Rights in Armenia

Specialized in human rights, risk assessment and public ethics, Syuzanna is a Program Coordinator at the Armenian Lawyers Association.

She has a demonstrated history of professional experience in international and national organizations from the public, private and civil society sectors. 

In her capacity as an Anti-Corruption Independent Expert, Syuzanna acquired the “Anti-Corruption Champion” Award from the International Governance and Risk Institute and British Embassy to Armenia. She is a co-author of more than 40 research documents/policy briefs tailored to the RA Laws on Corruption Prevention Commission; Whistleblowers System; RA Strategies on Anti-Corruption, Gender Equality, etc. She is an Attorney at law and a member of the Armenian Bar Association. She is also a lecturer and mentor in the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders. 

Syuzanna holds a LL.M. from the American University of Armenia and RA National Academy of Science, as well as a LL.B. from the University of International Economic Relations (Armenia). She has graduated from the Advanced Course “Leadership and Management for Integrity” from the Central European University (Hungary). 

“I believe that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Therefore, the protection of human rights is the cornerstone of every democratic country ensuring peace, solidarity, and pursuit of happiness. The fellowship action allowed me to step closer to my dream of strengthening human rights protection in my homeland.” – Syuzanna SOGHOMONYAN

Promoting Direct Democracy for Strengthening Human Rights in Armenia

The action: Promoting Direct Democracy for Strengthening Human Rights in Armenia aimed to monitor the implementation of the National Strategy for the Protection of Human Rights and its Implementation Action Plan (2020-2022). The project engaged local authorities, public officials, lawyers, young activists, civil society representatives, and watchdog organizations. At the beginning of the project, Syuzanna researched the Swedish and Georgian experience in CSO engagement in policy making and effective monitoring of policy implementation. Then, she organized 4 awareness-raising workshops for the public officials from state and local government bodies, lawyers, CSOs and other interested stakeholders from 3 regions and Yerevan. The seminars were followed by the national youth conference: The RA National Strategy on Human Rights Protection: Challenges and Perspectives engaging young professionals in discourse. Afterwards, Syuzanna conducted online in-depth interviews and focus groups with the field experts to identify the possible gaps in the strategy and produce the monitoring report. Finally, she organized the CSO-Government Dialogue Conference to discuss the report findings and proposed amendments in the National Strategy.

The project delivered the evidence-based monitoring report and recommendations to the Republic of Armenia tailored to the National Strategy and Human Rights protection. The research ensured the accountability of the RA Government and the Ministry of Justice in the sector of human rights. The final conference facilitated the Public-State consensus on the various issues, including the necessity to amend the RA National Strategy. The majority of the recommendations were taken into account by the Government and the process to amend the National Strategy was about to start as of the end of the Fellowship.

The seminars and workshops raised awareness of 157 young professionals from the civic and legal sectors. Then, the youth conference engaged 21 researchers, out of whom 11 produced a research paper on the National Strategy. The events engaged the high-level officials, including the Human Rights Defender and Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia, and the EU-Delegation representatives to Armenia.

Evidence-based Monitoring of the National Strategy for the Protection of Human Rights and its Implementation Action Plan for 2020-2022

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Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Armenia
Areas of Interest Advocacy
Topics Democratic participation
Human rights
Judiciary & legal system
Project duration May 2020 - October 2020