Tamar NADIBAIDZE, Georgia
PROJECT: Promoting Civic Capacity for Democratic Oversight

Skilled in research, project planning and management, Tamar is a young professional from Georgia. 

Tamar gathered a wealth of her professional experience In her capacity as a Development Manager, Project Officer and Gender Focal Point at the local think-tank – Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD). In 2016 Tamar served as the Main Specialist at the Cabinet of Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia promoting good governance and the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative. Tamar acquired her research experience from her previous positions as an Analyst for the local think-tank – Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and a Research Assistant for the Roanoke College, Virginia, USA. 

Tamar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia (UG) and has studied International Affairs at the Roanoke College (USA). Currently, she is enrolled on a Master’s program in Ethnic and Migration Studies at the Linkoping University (Sweden).

“The essence and frame of the fellowship action would substantially differ if not a global pandemic. Still, I feel privileged for having an opportunity to work with the small regional organizations of Georgia and contribute to their professional development. I believe working on grassroot level is of great significance and sustainable outcome.” Tamar NADIBAIDZE

Promoting Civic Capacity for Democratic Oversight

The action was a communication campaign aimed at disseminating COVID-19 related information to the ethnic Azeri and Armenian communities of Georgia. To achieve the above objective, Tamar targeted two specific regions – Samtskhe-Javakheti (Armenian minority settlements) and Kvemo Kartli (Azeri minority settlements) and contracted two local media outlets – TV9 to reach the Armenian-speaking audience and Kvemo Kartli TV to reach the Azerbaijani speaking communities. For the duration of June-October 2020, both media outlets disseminated the fact-checked information (creative posters, Q&A section, quiz, short educational video) about COVID-19; and worked to increase awareness about then upcoming Parliamentary Election of Georgia in October 2020 and increase skills in curbing the political misinformation and propaganda related to the elections. 

The project raised awareness of the local Azerbaijani and Armenian-speaking communities of Georgia and reached hundreds of local people through online portals. Also, the action delivered 6 creative infographics about the COVID-19, disinformation in media and the Parliamentary elections in the Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages. Through a wide range of informative materials, including the articles, Q&A sections, quiz and educational videos on the TV9 and Kvemo Kartli TV platforms, the project raised the epidemic and political awareness of the local communities. On top of that, the local organizations built capacity in establishing a direct and engaging conversation with their audiences, since they reached hundreds of unique visitors. Also, the training held for the TV9 journalists increased the knowledge of the 12 local media representatives in the Parliamentary Governmental System and the related implications.

Educational Video with the Armenian subtitles:

Educational Video with the Azerbaijani subtitles:



Quiz about COVID-19 (in Georgian)

Project in media:

COVID-19-თან დაკავშირებული რეკომენდაციები

Հաճախ տրվող հարցեր Covid-19-ի վերաբերյալ

COVID-19 და დეზინფორმაცია/COVID-19 və yanlış məlumat

ხშირად დასმული კითხვები კორონავირუსის შესახებ

Fellowship Programs 2020
Country Georgia
Areas of Interest Awareness raising
Community mobilisation
Topics Democratic participation
Health & sports
Mitigating misinformation
Project duration April 2020 - December 2-